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March 1, 2021by vggadmin0

Work from home has become a new reality for the masses. While freelancers and remote workers are used to its different rhythms, most office workers are still struggling. According to surveys, workers feel isolated and unmotivated. With minimum to no physical interaction among colleagues, some of the workers feel listless. Also, the environment at home is very different from an office space. There are constant issues with communication, productivity, and alignment of goals.

With the pandemic still showing no signs of abetting, work from home is here to stay. Here are a few simple ways to help yourself stay motivated, all the while enjoying this new dynamic, too.

1. Work-space

The most important step is to create a completely separate space for you to work. It could be on the floor in your living room, on your balcony, somewhere isolated from ‘home’. Your bed is not a place of work, it is for sleeping and you might end up doing that, itself. Create a strict line between ‘home’ and ‘work’. This also keeps you from becoming lazy and slacking off. Most workers struggle with the lack of a ‘working environment’ so create one for yourself. This also motivates you to ‘go to your work’, daily.

2. Organize and stick to your schedule

When you have goals set for your day, it becomes easier for you to achieve them. Create a schedule prioritizing your tasks. You can note your tasks in a diary or use a scheduler app like Any.Do. Keep on canceling out the itemized tasks after their completion. This is a fun way to complete work and release stress. You also don’t have to use your time for sleep (or leisure) to complete any other important tasks or for work. This creates a healthy balance between ‘work’ and ‘life’.

3. Give and Take: Challenge and Reward

You have been missing out on catching up with friends and are dying to attend a virtual gathering with them but alas! Work just keeps you away. In a situation as such, go about setting up a challenge for yourself and if you succeed, ‘the reward’ is yours. For example, you have about 400 words left in your assignment. The challenge is to complete it in 30 minutes. You might end up discovering new things about yourself- increased typing speed, exciting ideas, etc. Now, if you have won the challenge then go ahead, the series is all yours (though binge-watching is not recommended). An interesting way to remain motivated.

4. Let’s take a break

Working over long periods, especially on laptops or computers, is excruciating. You often end up making more mistakes than being productive. Pace yourself, give your mind and body a break. Go, breathe in the fresh air, walk around, eat something, listen to music, there are so many ways to re-energize yourself. This ‘10-minute breather’ ends with you feeling refreshed and ready to work again.

5. Stay Connected

The lack of social interaction among colleagues is one of the major reasons why workers feel so isolated and demotivated. It is easy to forget that you might not be the only one feeling this way. So, have regular check-in with your colleagues. Make sure to ask what they are up to, how are they, exchange information. Doing this will not only make you feel connected, but it will also keep you mentally happy and motivated.

6. Focusing on self

Waking up early, practicing yoga, going for a morning jog, having healthy meals keeps not only your body healthy, it keeps your emotions regulated. Working on an empty stomach, drinking coffee, and working sans sleep helps no one and makes you depressed and unproductive. This is one of the major reason’s workers become procrastinators. Take this opportunity to focus on the self, too. Meditate, read a book and sleep; motivation to work will follow automatically.

7. Learn something new!

You’ve always wanted to learn cooking or French or blogging, something new. All work and no play make Jack a dull boy, so chop-chop. To stay motivated enough to work, the fun way is to try and learn something new. You can learn to garden, the world could do with a few more trees; learn to knit or create a virtual book-reading group, there are endless ways to boost yourself, where work is not your sole focus.

With the constant sensation of feeling cooped-up at home and work together, it is difficult to find balance. Stress leads to procrastination which often leads to anyone becoming discouraged. It is important to realize when you are feeling down and demotivated. Making these small changes while adjusting to this new aspect of working from home, can go a long way in boosting your drive to work.

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