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March 10, 2021by vggadmin0

How should I react? I never thought of a situation like this! No one was prepared for COVID-19. No one saw something so irreversible coming. But all of us are trying to deal with it. Just like this, there are so many times when we fall into an uncertain situation and lose our calm. In this rush of life, you cannot already know what and all future has for you. You can plan for the future, but cannot just abide by it. It is essential to prepare yourself for those uncertain times as well.

There are so many of us distressed with the lockdowns. Why? Because the rush is paused for a while, that you actually have the time to sit and reflect your actions, take a step back and relax and let nature and yourself heal. When we can have such positive outcomes of this lockdown, why are we dejected and frustrated? It’s all in the mind. Because we never prepared ourselves for such days. Well, take a deep breath, sit and relax. Things will eventually get back to its place. Focus on working on yourself. How do you do it? Let’s see.

1. Accept the reality

There are two types of people right now. The first kind does not want to accept the fact that we’re in pandemic and the situation of the world is sensitive. It’s good to avoid negativity and act as if everything is normal. But it comes with a price. You cannot avoid the situation always. Facing it and tackling it is always the right way. It’ll help you keep your sanity. The second kind of people are the ones who have considered the situation to be the end of all of it. Just breaking yourself from all your responsibility because you’re in a lockdown will help you land nowhere. You need to keep yourself updated and ready for the situations that’ll appear after the lockdown is over, or might continue because the future is unpredictable.

2. Build Your Focus

The most important thing to do right now is to build your focus. Amidst this pandemic, and all the negative news around, it’s hard to focus on being productive. What is our daily gesture? I’ll do all this work, ones everything is alright. Right now, sitting idle you’re just in the negative mind space. So, surround yourself with positivity. It’s not that time where you wait for things to fall back into place. It’s that time where you make the most out of it. Stop procrastinating because you think everything happening is so wrong. Work on yourself, on your mental peace, and your soul and body. Focus on those things that help you maintain your sanity.

3. Prioritize

You got to figure out what is important right now. Sit-in frustration and do nothing, or mold your lifestyle according to the current unexpected situation. Sit, think, and make a new plan. You can do a lot of productive work at home. Figure out your needs snd prioritize accordingly. If utilized effectively, there is so much benefit you can make out of this time. Set a time-table and follow it religiously. Keeping yourself busy all the time will help you keep away from all the negativity. And what is better and calming than a fruitful day? So make sure your day doesn’t go in vain. But also you do not stress yourself as the point of all of this is to take a step back from a rushed life. This all is possible with a balanced life.

4. Stay Healthy

Take a break from all the chaos, from social media, from Netflix, from all your stressing work, and focus on your mental state for some time every day. Do all this away from the screen of your phones or laptops. Let your eyes also have that peace for a while. Meditate! Meditation is the best way to get your mind together. It’ll keep you calmer and make you feel good from within. Make sure you exercise every body part to keep it healthy. Since you cannot go out or there is no movement for any work out of your home, it is important to keep your body moving. Also, what you eat is what you reflect. Eating healthy heals you from inside, and that’s what is shown in your behavior. You must still follow a schedule for eating as well. Do not skip meals or overeat. Eat fresh and drink lots of water, and you’re good to go.

Life is just passing by, do not make it waste monotonous one. No one knows what the future has for us in its bag. So, it’s best to be prepared for any uncertainty and deal with it most efficiently. The utmost important thing is to prioritize improving yourself every day. Time is the best healer as well as the best killer. So it all depends on how you use it. Stay calm and positivity. Do not lose your sanity and things will surely fall back to its place.

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