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Why Outsource Hiring?

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So why should you get Growup Outsourcing? Because we are here to give quick and guaranteed solutions to this growing problem. Growup Outsources employees that not only come with the required amount of experience and knowledge but also with further in-depth research that we provide

With our outsourcing model, we intend to make your life easier. We offer end to end recruitment services for all kinds of white-collar jobs. We take full guarantee for all the employees we outsource but also allow you to make your own plans and create your Job descriptions for you. Besides that, our process is flexible, honest, open.

Our clients have shown incredible satisfaction with our outsourcing techniques and brilliant database. Our process might be tedious for us, but it is worth the client satisfaction we aim at. We began with understanding the needs of a company based on basic things such as a Job description and filter clients from Industry-specific to Profile specific.

Even if a client is unable to give us a Job Description we can create one to make our process as open and honest as possible. Our Live Application Tracking system gives you constant updates on your outsourcing needs.

What makes us special is our segmentation conducted on what is IAAS Interview as a service. We have Industry-specific experts that review our candidates based on our pre-recorded interview. This system is very intricate and a full report is conducted to make sure we do not miss anything. Over 100 psychometric measures are conducted!

Not to forget we conduct training even after the hiring process is complete so that the employee comes fully prepared for the first day of work, and the company does not have to waste any more resources.

Our system is a perfect balance between the use of technology and Human Resource. Growup has made multiple clients happy from all kinds of sectors. All this with the added advantage of reasonable pricing.

Established in India in 2018, Growup Group has grown to become one of India's fastest-growing and the most vouched for (WAAS) Workforce as a Service Company.
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