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In today’s time of scattered employee demographics and globalized and/or remote workforce, managing human capital, and deriving relevant information about the workforce has become a complicated challenge for HR managers. HR is no more just an intuitive function, it has now evolved as a data-driven and statistically evidence-based function.

The world of management and organizational structure have seen most vital changes in the last few decades. New techniques and strategies have been evolved and experimented within the process. The need of generating competitive advantage through the means of highly-skilled, agile, and adaptable human capital has led management philosophers in the direction of a competent workforce.

Management of people in organizations has always been a subject of serious discussion for managers. Despite the continuous development of many management theories and experiments, the arguments in favor or against of them never cease to exist.

Every organization has interpreted the importance of employee’s behavior and their actions in setting the right organizational culture nowadays. Having an environment of satisfaction where employees are driven by motivation is desirable by every rational manager. Organizational Citizenship Behavior (OCB) is a postulation of human capital management that focuses on setting this kind of environment in the organization.

We are certain that you must have wondered the same thing time and again while making policies for the human capital of your organization and ultimately would have reached to the conclusion of maintaining employee satisfaction every time.

Do you feel the need for an assistant who can manage your daily tasks, schedule meetings, answer phone calls, or assist you in business or personal tasks? If yes, Growup is here to help you hire a Personal Assistant or Personal Secretary and ease your daily tasks of correspondence and management. Personal Assistant carries out the administrative task of an individual, unlike Administrative Assistant who takes care of the entire office.

Ever wondered how Administrative assistance can help you boost your business? If yes, let Grow up help you figure out what it is and what you need to do. Any duties which revolve around managing or interacting within the office can be left upon Administrative assistants. Be it answering the phone calls or managing files, they’ve got your back. You can leave them in charge of greeting all your clients and customers.

Gone are the days when organizations used to follow a strict vertical chain of hierarchy at the workplace. Organizations have now understood the critical role of employee satisfaction at the workplace in increasing productivity and work efficiency. Business leaders and managers have talked about the importance of employee trust and effective grievance handling time and again.

The epidemic of COVID-19 has surely left the nation devastated, both mentally and economically and the wheels of our country’s economy have come to a standstill. Hence, unemployment, which has always been a major concern of the nation, has now reached a worrisome state. According to a recently conducted survey, the urban unemployment rate has gone up by 30.9%, which is a major spike if we look into previous reports of such surveys.

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