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December 1, 20220

After to the, Anya grabs certain data, as well as dump the 2 police

Each goes up to straight back. Just what Jack and Anya have no idea would be the fact Schmitt is actually performing having a great corrupt CIA broker called Seas, who wants to sell the new MK Ultra for the highest buyer. Seaka and you can Urich want to get the on the job brand new MK Super for similar need. Also it are Schmitt just who oversaw the new bombing off George’s limo. Jack and you can Anya place low to have per night from the an enormous household. Towards the overnight, Schmitt plus one regarding their boys locate Cyrell, a beneficial wheelchair-playing with guy who’s watching more Amanda to own Anya. Soon immediately after, Seaka and you will Urich make it, and a few times afterwards, Jack and you may Anya make it.

Back on highest family, Jack phone calls their CIA pal Rogers, who’s a beneficial hacker

Amanda isn’t truth be told there. However, Jack really does select Amanda’s backpack. Seaka and you will Urich have, and you may Seaka holds Anya and you will throws a weapon so you can this lady head. Seaka informs Jack provide your new MK Super, or Anya dies. Jack shoots Seaka and Urich, and you can Jack and Anya escape. Seaka dies, and you can Urich calls Jensen and you can requests a meeting into rooftop away from a vehicle parking driveway. Jack requires Rogers to deceive toward MK Ultra investment and avoid they forever. On top of your vehicle parking driveway, Urich matches with Jensen, the man you to Urich and Seas for every single need certainly to offer brand new MK Super to help you. Jensen and his kid start overcoming Urich upwards.

As part of a plan to place Jensen up, she informs your you to definitely Jack are meeting with Oceans and you may Schmitt about main collection. After they hang up, Jensen’s child eliminates Urich. Just as Jack and you will Anya is leaving the enormous home, a person in a chopper opens up flame on them. The man is employed by Seas. Jack and you may Anya work on right back into the and you will exit the actual side home so you’re able to Anya’s cab. While they get-off, the brand new helicopter offers chase, and you can Jack and you may Anya cover-up the vehicle in a number of trees. Jack gets aside and fireplaces multiple shots, evoking the helicopter to help you explode . From the embassy, Jack waits to have Ambassador Cochran inside her work environment. Jack tells the woman to inform Oceans to get to know that have him during the new Main Library.

On library, Jack observes Schmitt and you will Seas. Waters keeps one of his true males let you know the woman to your on the a beneficial balcony over. Liquid informs Jack he keeps 60 seconds to quit the newest formula, or Amanda could be thrown off the balcony. Unexpectedly, Jack fatally propels the man who is carrying Amanda. Schmitt tries to shoot Anya. Jack holds Waters’s hand, and you can forces Waters to help you fatally try Schmitt. After which Jack fireplaces four photos, eliminating Seas. Given that Anya attempts to get Amanda so you can security, Jensen’s one or two henchmen open-fire on the Jack. Jack eliminates included in this, after which faces Jensen and his awesome other henchman.

Jack grabs Jensen’s weapon hand and results in Jensen so you can flames several shots, killing the latest henchman, immediately after which Jack places Jensen’s attention away, and you will makes him in order to die

Because the Jack departs, George steps in front side out of your with a weapon. Jack kills George that with a fighting styles flow, an alternate struck on breasts, one directs George in reverse to your a wall structure, and there’s bloodstream with the wall since the George slumps down. Rogers hacks toward MK Ultra system and you will leaves an-end to your investment, and Jack are reunited that have Amanda. After, Ambassador Cochran offers Jack good passport supply so you’re able to Anya therefore she will be able to head to The united states. Once Jack and Amanda return to the us, Jack gets Amanda a horse to be therefore fearless for the Romania.

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