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BlogAll you need to know about Virtual Assistant Jobs in India

February 4, 2021by vggadmin0

Working remotely is a growing trend in India and is also the most effective way of working in the present times. Given the fact that hiring a VA is less costly and more effective than hiring a full-time employee, it becomes a more feasible option for an entrepreneur or a businessman to have a remote workforce. Remote working fashion has boosted a lot many businesses and is now an acceptable work form in India. With many companies offering VAs, it is now easy to have Virtual Assistants jobs.

What are the jobs of a Virtual Assistant?

Although a VA does not come to your traditional office, still a VA can perform various tasks working from home or any other place. From scheduling meetings to managing files, there are a few tasks every beginner must know. Here are some virtual assistant jobs for beginners in India.

  • Manage appointments, meetings, or any administrative task
  • Human Resource assistance
  • Manage Social Media
  • Research work
  • Bookkeeping and content writing
  • Real Estate assistance
  • Digital Marketing
  • Travel Assistance, booking tickets
  • Writing and editing
  • Invoicing and payments

What are some Virtual assistant jobs from home in India?

Unemployment is a major concern in India. Virtual assistant jobs in India which offer work from home is a boon in the employment system of India. Youth, single parents, women, all those who cannot work because of travel issues, can work from home as Virtual Assistants and these online jobs gives you a good amount of earning. Here are some ideas of how you can start working from home in India.

  1. Writing and Editing Assistant
    If you are looking for Virtual Assistant jobs from home with no experience, providing assistance to an author or writer in writing or editing their blogs, books, or any write-ups is a good way to start your work.
  2. Travel Assistant
    Part-time Virtual Assistant jobs can include Travel Assistance. A Travel Virtual Assistant can work for those clients who do not have the time to book their travel or hotel stay tickets on their own. A travel VA takes care of the complete travel schedule of their clients.
  3. Social Media Manager
    This is another great Virtual Assistant job for beginners which require no or less experience. Often companies hire Virtual Assistants to manage their social media which is a great platform to attract potential customers. Managing posts, updates, tweets, and engaging the target audience are a few skills required to be a social media manager.
  4. Administrative Assistant
    Hiring an Administration staff is an old-fashioned way of working which requires a lot of investment. Hiring a VA to manage all the administrative work of an office is a growing trend in the Virtual Assistant jobs from home in India. From scheduling meetings, data entry to checking emails, a VA handles it all.
  5. Web Developer
    Sitting at home, you can now earn your dream money. A web developer is the king of a freelance business. One single project can fetch you a lot of pay. It is a fun yet full-filling job if you have the skill of web developing and coding. Work from home can now make all your dreams come true.

Top companies which offer Virtual Assistant jobs in India

India offers many top-rated Virtual Assistant companies to choose from with professional and highly skilled VAs. The monthly salary of a VA in India is approximately $2000. Hourly cost of a VA in many Indian companies begins from around $7 and varies according to the assistance and time required. With time, the job opportunities in the remote field are growing at a high speed and Indian companies are excelling their services all over the globe. Here are a few companies that top the list.

  1. Growup Group
  2. VA Talks
  3. Wishup
  4. MyTasker

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