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January 20, 2021by vggadmin0

From always trying to please the male gaze to getting paid equally, the representation of women in the society has changed for good. We rarely see advertisements where women are portrayed as homemakers and even if they are, the ads advise the audience to respect and care for them. We can’t say that misogyny is eradicated but our society is trying to get there because it is accompanied by patriarchy and we very well know that it is deep-rooted in our country and culture. Although modern-day society is trying to make amends, the efforts are not visible.

Whereas various companies and brands try to sensitize this topic every year during International Women’s Day. Even though every day should be celebrated as women’s day but we cannot deny the fact that certain organizations are trying even if it is once a year. They build creative ads around this topic and make sure that the general public has to introspect while breaking the common gender stereotypes and roles.

Today we are here to discuss such initiatives taken by some local and international brands that keep trying to come up with something new every year to make the world a better place for everyone-

In their 2018 campaign, they tried to show different roles played by women in our everyday lives. They made it very clear that though women are caring, loving, confident, give us strength, respect our struggles, etc. for that they don’t have to be a homemaker. They showed that women can support us by being independent as well. For this, they compiled various clips that showed them in various roles like being an inspector, a captain, a nurse, a friend, a working wife and a mother.

All the characters showed different emotions like an inspector ensuring safety, the nurse taking care of the elderly and a working wife paying the bills for her husband. We might consider this as role reversal but in fact, this is sharing responsibilities equally.

Being one of the biggest brands, Nike stated some of the common stereotypes carried out against women on a daily basis which people think are fine to state but are obviously sexist and condescending. They showed how women in sports and in general are called dramatic for being emotional, crazy for playing against men, delusional for asking equal opportunities, unhinged if they take a stand or hysterical for showing anger. They clearly state that if they turn out to be better than others, there is something wrong with them.

In addition to these challenges, they highlighted the struggles that women had to go through in the field of sports to be allowed to take part nationally. In response to the stereotypes, they narrated how crazy it was considered for a woman to run a marathon, being a boxer, winning 23 Grand Slams and giving birth to a child and still coming back for more, was ALL CRAZY. In the end, they conclude the video by asking the audience to show the world what CRAZY can do.

They made it evident how women are breaking the shackles and proving what they can do and achieve in today’s world.

This is one of the most unique ads that we’ve come across. We have always heard the quotes “Children are great imitators.” and “Children are the living messages we send to a time we will not see.” And this ad asks us the questions that the messages we are circulating around them are right or wrong.

This one-minute video shows children asking questions like that any kid would ask but denied the answers of like ‘Why there have been so many male Presidents but so few women’, ‘Why is it hard for a woman to go back to work after having a baby’ or ‘Why we have more of male superheroes and not female’. The video ends with the answer ‘I don’t know’ which most of the kids get from their parents and teachers.

These questions when heard could sound very basic but in reality, they are very disturbing if not answered because they limit what a woman can do. And nobody would want to raise their child in a world where they are not allowed to dream big.

Prega News
Prega News showed a new aspect of a household. The ad starts with a woman telling her house help to the chores in a certain new way which she is not used to, mostly in a harsh tone. The woman who works as the house help is more surprised than offended. The next day there is a new woman at the door who is getting employed as the new house help. The old one begs the owner not to do so but the owner says that she cannot work anymore since she is pregnant.

The owner’s speech softens and she reminds her that how she helped her when she had her first kid and the house help should get the rest she needs because pregnancy is a hard time.

This ad ends with a message that tells us how hard pregnancy can get. That is why various chores should not be carried out. The house help is also a human who would require the same amount of care as any other person during pregnancy. Hence, amends should be carried out to make the environment more friendly for them and it is advisable to hire extra help to reduce the burden.

Some of us are fortunate that we don’t have to go through what women have to deal with on a daily basis because either we are from the opposite gender or born in privilege or both. We can boast that we are becoming modern and supportive but there are miles to cover before we make the world a better place for them. Happy International Women’s Day.

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