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March 14, 20230

C-Note makes to go out of whenever unexpectedly, one stands up the latest diner having a weapon

In the episode “Chicago” C-Notice and you will Dede are in a beneficial Benson, Minnesota diner whenever Dede sick on account of the girl decreased therapy. Just after C-Notice ends the guy out of holding up the newest diner, a woman customer the newest robber was planning to eliminate lets him exit despite knowing their wanted condition. Despite this, Representative Mahone obtains a declare that C-Notice are saw at the diner, hence his child is unwell. Mahone will come from inside the Minnesota, however, C-Mention is able to evade him of the boarding a subway. After C-Notice must make use of terrifically boring form from the a totally free infirmary to greatly help their child, he phone calls Mahone while offering to show himself in if the his spouse would be put out. Mahone agrees, plus in get back, C-Note need offer him information regarding Michael – your website , and this C-Note overheard Michael telling Sucre on in the Utah. Whenever C-Notice cannot get a hold of Michael’s place, Mahone forces C-Note to hold himself, significantly less than orders off Agent Kim, in exchange for his girlfriend and you may daughter’s wellness. The fresh occurrence concludes just as C-Notice leaps out-of his telephone bed to your noose up to his shoulder, but he could be conserved from the a protector within the next event. In the jail infirmary, the guy devices this new FBI and you may requires to speak to Mahone, but Representative Wheeler (Jason Davis), just who has-been investigating Mahone, responses the call instead. Wheeler says lesbian hookup sites they can remain C-Notice safe if the guy informs him just what Mahone expected your so you’re able to create.

A week later, Wheeler features C-Note released off jail and you can placed in the newest Witness Shelter Program in return for testifying against Mahone. C-Mention ‘s the next person in this new Fox River Seven so you’re able to feel apprehended by bodies.

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Shortly after the guy tracks off Sucre, C-Note demonstrates to you that he is away from home again because of Interior Circumstances refusing to hang up their end of one’s offer on account of Mahone becoming incarcerated when you look at the Panama. C-Note along with explains that he might have been contacted by the a mystical son (Paul Kellerman) and you will questioned to get Michael and you will Lincoln to assist them to ruin The company. C-Note and you can Sucre conserve the fresh brothers away from specific demise on the penthouse of the General and later receive full exoneration for their efforts. In the collection epilogue, C-Mention try revealed for be a good UPS deliveryman, matching his expertise during the prison: discover their other inmates one random topic.

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Shortly after enjoying the fresh new page with Michael’s photo involved out of T-Wallet and you may learning a good decoded content that presents Ogygia, a prison for the Yemen, Lincoln relationships C-Mention that is shown to have converted to Islam. Lincoln and you can C-Notice find every traces regarding Michael, together with images, was deleted away from lifetime. C-Notice operates the possibility that Michael have received involved in so it clutter himself as he is simply too wise to simply take sales out of another person. C-Mention and you will Lincoln see Yemen to find Michael but are added toward an ambush after they do the wrong taxi, added because of the people who ran Lincoln’s automobile from the link and you can tried to kill Sara within her house. C-Notice and you can Lincoln have the ability to fight the crooks and you can eliminate with certainly one of C-Note’s relationships named Sheba. Omar kits C-Note and you can Lincoln with a visit to Ogygia to see Michael, going by the name out of Kaniel Outis, angering Sheba due to the fact Outis ‘s the title of a violent functioning which have ISIL. Abreast of meeting with Michael, C-Note facts your into videos camera given that proof you to Michael are real time.

Adopting the stay away from, C-Note, Michael, Lincoln, Sucre, and you will Abruzzi fulfilled bigger difficulties as his or her stay away from plane shot to popularity and you may remaining her or him stranded with numerous police on their path.

C-Notice and his girl go back during the “John doe”. C-Note are shame-ridden more their wife’s arrest, and attempts to see if Kacee might possibly be invited bail. The guy arrangements for her to forget bail and you can rejoin your, and for the nearest and dearest to move so you can Alaska. Yet not, Kacee’s bail try refuted.

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