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December 6, 20220

Calliope is similar to Lil Cal’s name also, even though that is probably so much more during the mention of the Caliborn

It is reasonably a mention of novel Middlesex the spot where the intersex protagonist spends title “Cal” so you can represent their male front side and you will “Calliope” otherwise “Callie” so you’re able to represent the female edge of them.

Kalliope (new goddess)is the reason icon is a crafting tablet, such Calliope’s extremely cherished material was this lady attracting tablet. They shows her or him are an excellent characterization of your own Homestuck fandom too, because the Homestuck is fairly the brand new unbelievable facts and you will has a tendency to have fun with poetry now and then.

She picked “ uranianUmbra ” just like the their online handle because of their fascination with the entire world Uranus’s novel rotation, regardless of if when describing which to help you Roxy, the woman is not able to remember the word to have a beneficial ball’s topspin – inside pond, the word to own putting a spin on the cue golf ball is actually “english”. Umbra is Latin getting “shadow” (whence we obtain ‘umbrage’, meaning fury); within the English, it will suggest a similar, however, usually relates particularly for the darkest section of a shadow. ‘UU’ together with completes the latest DNA motif of all the other chumhandles/trolltags, representing uracil.

The term “uranian” is a nineteenth-100 years name writing about a good “women psyche in the a masculine body”. No matter if Calliope is not technically within the a masculine human body, you, after, falls under the woman equivalent, Caliborn. A beneficial soldier out-of each gender, with importance and you can characters each and every.”

Uranus is even commonly with the Sailor Moon character out-of Teno Haruka, a keen androgynous lesbian character that is will interpreted to be intersex and/otherwise nonbinary on account of being also known as “each other a guy and you will a woman

Calliope is even a from-passed reference to Andrew Hussie’s left behind artwork unique, Whistles Volume One to: The new Starlight Calliope; a frightening story of a great circus clown along with his misadventures inside a sadistic circus below ground, in which genocide, prostitution, and you will cannibalism up against clowns happen.

Even though Andrew Hussie stated that the guy does not care just how readers pronounce anything inside the Homestuck, inside Greek myths, Calliope’s name’s noticable (kuh-lie-uh-pee) [k??la??pi?] even though the ancient greek noticable they (kah-li-o-pay) [kali???p?:]. From the circus pronunciation, it’s (kAHl-ee-ohp) [?kali?p:].

Symbol [ ]

Calliope’s symbol are a cross within caduceus (?), new icon of your own Greek jesus Hermes, additionally the pole from Asclepius (?; that’s otherwise known as brand new Asklepios), the second where becoming among the many a couple Ophiuchus symbols. In comparison, Caliborn’s cam icon ‘s the almost every other, less common Ophiuchus icon. Except that as the messenger of your gods, Hermes was also new guardian off limits in addition to website visitors just who cross him or her. Asclepius, likewise, try good healer for the Greek myths. As he passed away, he became new constellation Ophiuchus.

Certain mythological functions of caduceus are thematically befitting Calliope, particularly its ability to “aftermath the fresh asleep and you will upload the latest awake to bed”, and that the thing is that how the a few halves out of an excellent cherub key control of the body once they bed. It’s very asserted that the wand is also get back the latest lifeless to life, an installing icon having a characteristics later on renewed parship by the Ring away from Existence.

For the North america, the newest caduceus and you can Asklepios are often perplexed for 1 some other, in which the former is used to symbolize the community, even though it is always represent commerce somewhere else. While Calliope spends it symbol, Caliborn uses japan-well-known icon to have Ophiuchus which is a great tilde superimposed over the page You, a stylized symbol from a guy carrying a snake. The tilde along with is much like Calliope’s phony horns, every one of which is comparable to one of several entwined snakes. The lady signal can certainly be one or two adult cherubs mating, once the mature cherubs come to be serpents when you’re mating. Even more, the woman icon is interpreted merely while the an excellent caduceus without the wings, just like just how Caliborn predominated prior to their body you are going to create wings.

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