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BlogCan remote working help tackle unemployment in times of COVID-19?

January 21, 2021by vggadmin0

The epidemic of COVID-19 has surely left the nation devastated, both mentally and economically and the wheels of our country’s economy have come to a standstill. Hence, unemployment, which has always been a major concern of the nation, has now reached a worrisome state. According to a recently conducted survey, the urban unemployment rate has gone up by 30.9%, which is a major spike if we look into previous reports of such surveys.

The recession has forced companies to lay off their workers, the women workforce being the major chunk facing the brunt of pink slips. The non-essential service providers such as restaurant chains and salons are running at losses, which leave them with no other option than to reduce their employee strength. In these trying times, being able to work remotely has become the best tool to keep the layoff notice away.

In the current scenario, remote working has emerged as a boon, both for the employers and the employees. Remote working is an arrangement that allows working professionals to work from their homes or places as per their convenience instead of commuting to the workspace. So, during this time of lockdown and self- isolation, remote working has helped in-numerous companies and chains to continue with their operations and maintain their productivity

Most of the global companies have already announced remote working for its employees, keeping in mind the safety of their employees during COVID-19. Harrison, a spokesperson for the social networking giant, Facebook, said in an emailed statement. “We are extending our global guidance to allow anyone whose job allows them to do so, to voluntarily work remotely through Friday, April 10,” Along with this, Google, Twitter, and Amazon have also requested their employees to work remotely if their job profiles permit so.

Talking about India about twenty-nine lacs IT & BPO companies have adopted remote working after the outbreak of coronavirus. The companies which were hesitant about the idea of remote work are now willingly asking their employees to work from home. Remote working has helped to decrease the expense per employee hence creating more job opportunities for the future. Also, this lockdown has provided the opportunity for the companies to take a detailed insight into the pros and cons of remote work.

Fields such as health and Medicare, medicine, IT, education, training, and sales are some of the major fields that are working remotely and are quite flexible with the job options available. So, switching your career to work in these fields can help to lessen the cases of unemployment. Transferable skills like knowledge of software, customer relations, and leadership can prove to be helpful in these situations.

Remote working does offer its own set of challenges. Lack of productivity, work motivation, loneliness, technical hiccups, and home interruptions can be some of the major issues faced by remotely working professionals. However, in this moment of crisis, when the entire world is struggling in its fight against coronavirus and the world economy is at the risk of shrinking, these challenges can surely be dealt with our positivity and dedication.

Here at Growup, remote workers are our heart and soul. The majority of our workforce comprises workers who find it difficult to commute to the workplace in these trying times, and hence work remotely with a lot of zeal and enthusiasm. Even amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, our devoted workers continue to deliver their best work from home, unaffected by the coronavirus outbreak. This is a simple example that explains to us why remote working can prove to be a boon in these difficult times.

BONUS. Here are a few essential tips that can help you get a remote job:

  1. Keep your resume up to date. Look for what’s trending and prepare your resume accordingly.
  2. Read the job description in detail. Focus on the keywords.
  3. Learn to sell your skills. Skills are the most valued asset in remote working.
  4. Keep your search focused. Try not to row in several boats at a time and focus on jobs that match your skills.
  5. Never stop learning. Keep polishing your skills.

So let’s keep up the positive spirit and stay together in these difficult times. And yes, keep working!!! #stayhomestaysafe

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