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February 15, 2021by vggadmin0

The death tolls, the economic recession and you locked down at your home; this is the scenario we are facing every day. Nowadays you come across such news in news and social media frequently. In such circumstances, the storm of negativity is bound to take happiness away from you. But is it all bad news for us, for nature or the world? I don’t think so. After all, there’s a silver lining with the cloud, isn’t it? So, today lets try to get away with the negativity and begin with our search for positivity.

We recently celebrated World Earth Day, so let’s begin with mother nature first. Have you tried looking at that wonderful blue sky these days? Was it always that blue? Or the wild animals roaming in the streets, the clean river waters, or the thousands of migratory birds who almost lost their presence in this human-oriented world, were they always so happy? Nature has its way of reaching to mankind and this pandemic has allowed mother nature to heal and spread her love to all of her children. So why not embrace that love and be a part of earth’s happiness!

No, that’s not the only positivity out there. We have got a lot more on the way. So, let’s continue with our journey to find positivity.

Just take a moment and recall, before the lockdown when was the last time you had a proper conversation with your family or your loved ones? It’s not very easy to recall. But ever since you are quarantined at your home with your family, I guess the family tea conversations are an everyday thing now. Hearing about those good old days from your grandparents, the unending conversations with your children, and sharing everything with your partner. Isn’t that enough of a reason to be happy and positive?

Don’t worry it’s not over yet.

Go back to your school and college days when you were an enthusiastic kid, learning and participating in everything you could. But then you grew up and with those responsibilities somehow you lost the zeal for learning. So it’s time to rejuvenate your passion for learning once again. The internet is filled with DIYs, learning courses, training programs, recipes, and whatnot. You have the once in a million opportunity to be yourself again. So, it’s time you discover your hobbies and that enthusiasm again which were rusted by the wheels of time and let yourself be positive in these tough times.

If you are looking at the number of people dying, don’t forget to have a look at the people who won their battle against COVID-19. Instead of sticking to the negativity, endure the positivity. I tell you, there is no single-sided coin.

Put on your headphones and listen to your favorite songs, go and sit in your balcony for a while, pamper yourself with all that yummy home-cooked food, start meditating, take a break from social media and build a healthy relationship with your loved ones. These are just some examples, there are a lot more things which can help you stay positive and motivated. Try to find happiness in those little things around you. Don’t forget to express yourself, be it through conversations or journals or blogs or social media, put up your thoughts.

I know it won’t be easy to find positivity with such inhuman circumstances but negativity can’t help us either. Don’t let it hamper your mental health. So why not make the best of these quarantined days in a more productive, positive, and memorable way. And yes don’t forget to stay at home and stay safe!!

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