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February 17, 2021by vggadmin0

Just imagine you are supposed to submit a design and the write-up for a competition. You came up with an extraordinary design, but your write-up was unable to justify it. Let’s take another scenario. You are supposed to write a mail to your college faculty, but you end up choosing the wrong words and the message failed its purpose. Or you just lost your chances of selection for the job owing to those couple of grammar errors. I think you must have identified the problem here. Yes, it’s the inability to express with words. Now, here I am not saying that everybody should be excellent at writing. The truth is that nobody likes to entertain a writing excerpt full of errors. But be it the academic requirements or the corporate world, it is of utmost importance that you can communicate yourself through words. Elemental writing skills have become a necessity for everyone. That doesn’t mean you need to know all those flowery words. We are considering only staple grammar and language. The advantages of writing skills are not just limited to writers, journalists, and editors, but each one of us has something to take away from it.

The proper words can get your work done in minutes, while language errors can turn to be an embarrassing situation for you. Presentable writing skills are the key to communicate your thoughts and ideas more efficiently and accurately. So, here are a few simple tips that will take your skills a level up.

1. Read
You cannot improve your writing without reading. I am not asking you to read all those thick novels and books, but from your surroundings. Run your eyes over newspaper and magazine articles, product advertisements, and even the Instagram captions of some content- worthy pages. You can also have a look at some of the marketing emails you receive every day. You must be wondering why? Because everything has a defined way of writing and some keywords which are specific to that domain. So, if you glance through different types of texts, you will get better.

2. Keep the audience in consideration
A casual message to your friend or co-worker is different from the mail you send to your management or clients. ‘Formal’ writing doesn’t have to be the conventional methods that you probably learned in school. Just by paying attention to the minor details, you can make your writing more impactful. For instance, a ‘hello and ‘hi’ are the preferred over ‘hey’ when it comes to formal writing. It’s easier to understand the tone when it comes to verbal communication, but texts may be misinterpreted, which makes it imperative to choose the accurate word.

3. Restrain from using slang words
You sent a business proposal to a client, but you used filler words. Do you expect the client to accept the proposal? Definitely no. Slangs are for casual communication and you don’t want your client to take your ideas “casually”. The use of such words can easily make your client lose interest in the proposition. Social media has familiarized us with these terms, and it’s better we limit them to those platforms. Further, not everyone in the professional setup may be aware of the slangs, and you don’t want people to look for the meaning of words instead of focusing on the content.

4. Identify the frequently misused words
Is it ‘there’ or ‘their’ or ‘they’re’? Should I use ‘insure’ and ‘ensure’? If you are puzzled with these words and their application, you need to read about the commonly misused words. There are similar-looking words which can change the meaning of your sentence. Go through these words, so that you don’t have to struggle between these words in your writing.

5. Read your writing out loud
The best way to examine if your writing is conveying the intended message is to read it out loud. If you are finding it difficult to read at some point, it means there is an inappropriate sentence which you need to redo immediately. This will assist you to recognize grammar errors and awkward phrasings. Still, if you are unsure, you can always go for a second opinion rather than using inappropriate words.

You cannot be a magician of words all of a sudden and no one expects you to be. All you need to learn is the right way to convey your message and you don’t need to be a writer for that. These simple self-learning tips and some positive feedback from your peers are enough for you to communicate in an error-free way.

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