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What Do Our Content Writers Do?

Whether it is your website or your ad campaigns. Content writers are important for a multitude of reasons such as: raising awareness about your product, convincing people to buy your product or making sure your web content is on the top of the google search. The demand for content writers is growing higher every day because businesses are realizing the sheer importance of having one for a successful business.
Content writers learn and understand what a successful page looks like. We can help you research what your competition is focusing on whether its theme colours or the way they are phrasing their content. Our expert lens helps us look at the tiny things that you might not notice.
We understand that you might not need us for content creation but just need us for editing, we can do that too. Our editing team can not only point out the grammatical errors but also help you ad important keywords that push your upward in the google keyword search.
Write Social Media Posts
Social media posts have become increasingly relevant in today’s times. Every caption will add to your social media ad campaign and outlook. We can come up with captions are pushing your brand ideas and theme but also make sure the content is platform – friendly
Plan Email Campaigns
Email newsletters and promotions are quite common. Email newsletters are a great way to attract new buyers. Our content writers are creative and can create monthly newsletters that will surely grab more attention. Email promotions are a way of letting your clients know about your new schemes or product, and we will create those emails for you.
Web Page Content
Web page content needs to be carefully drafted as that’s one of the first things new buyers look at. How you choose to sell your services and products will be an important step in convincing new buyers. Our content writers have created web pages for brands across the globe and we can do the same for you with our background and experience.
Meta descriptions
Meta description creates a tag for your page’s content in 155 characters. The ones that appear on google searches. Even before the reader's click on your website's link, they read those 155 characters. Those 155 characters need to be precise and descriptive and convince the reader to click your page. It’s a lot of pressure on 155 characters and our VA’s perfected that art over time.
Blogs and Articles
Most web pages have blogs that run as advice columns or talks about new and interest things. The purpose of these blogs to give another perspective to the brand, where the articles are personalized and just meant to be helpful for their readers. Blogs create connections that are hard to break. So we can come with new topics related to your brand and your audience and help keep your blog page updates.
Press Releases
Press releases can get cumbersome. It's an official release statement and needs to be drafted in that same manner. Content writers keep track of release statements and know about the important elements of a good press release. So let us help you put our expertise into one that can get your more and more media attention.
Product Descriptions
The way you describe your product can either increase or decrease the reader’s interest. Interest that might lead to future sell. So that description becomes extremely significant. We can create a description that is short but informative and interesting.
Ghost Writing
As VA's are main is your company's fame and success. And we want to achieve that success by giving you the content, and also the credit. You might not have time to make the content but can help you with that.
Brochure Content
Brochures are considered to be things of the past, while they aren’t. Brochures still have the same impact and often companies also promote through soft copies of brochures. Brochures contain exciting language and creative content. Let us use our creative juices to help you create a beautiful brochure for your brand.
Case Studies
Case studies are helpful when you want to give a real-life example of how your product helped your client. That case study needs to be worded in a way that your new clients feel as if they could relate with your old client and hence will need that product in the future.
White Papers
A white paper is essentially a document for your sales associates. As content writers, we can highlight features that matter to your client, personalize documents for specific demographics. We ensure to create a white paper that can get you as many clients as possible.
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