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Afraid of the unknown world of social media? Well, we are here to guide your fears away. We market so you can sell!

Social media marketing isn’t just about learning the basics of marketing but also about how to target your audience on social media. It is also about learning new and creative ways to market your brand on social media.

Our demographics contains a lot of young and passionate people who understand social media as a user and as an expert. We ensure that our prices are affordable for all kinds of businesses with efficient and quick to go beyond the 9-5 working hours.

Growup understands why all this can be overwhelming for any business, especially a startup. Our Social media consultants will not only make sure that your brand is up to date with social media trends and content but will also make sure that your digital handles represent your brand well. With an optimal level of efficiency and personalized social media outlook, we are here for all your Social Media Management Needs!

Social media monitoring
We can monitor your social media every second of the day so that you do not have to.

Reporting and analysis
We can create reports based on not just quantitative data like the increase in the number of followers but also qualitative data like the kind of media attention that your brand is getting.

Social media marketing content creation
Our team can also help create content for your social media, such as any posters or press releases. Content will be made keeping in mind your target audience and the current trends on social media.

Contest and promotions
Contest and promotions are a great way to sell your brand. Having contests and promotions gives an opportunity testimonials and so much more, reach out to us so that we can create the perfect idea for your brand


Planning a Re-branding?

Rebranding is an important part of business growth. Rebranding is important because the world is constantly changing and growing and hence so is your audience. Rebranding is a scary process because it might scare away your old clients, but the process might prove successful in the long term. The Growup VA’s are here to assist you through this scary process. We understand that the process might be ough with a lot of speed breaks, but with us around we can make the process is a whole lot easier and smoother. So what exactly can we do to make this process more fun and less scary?
Identity Development
One of the areas in which we can help you is identity development, each brand creates its identity that its buyer connects with. For example, when we think of McDonald's we think of the clown-faced man and Happy meals. Mcdonald's Connections with these kids is one of high importance to its brand. identity development depends on your product and your target audience. Our experts can help you research your audience and give you pitches that would fit your budget and your brand.

Identity Development is one of the scarier parts of it all because that is what your customers connect with, so the process needs to be carefully be done and required precise judgments. You can rely on us for all of that and more.
Logo & Color Design/Redesign
A logo is how your customers remember your brand. Images last longer in people's minds. Logos need to be simple but creative, smart yet easy to understand. Our graphic designers understand the process of trying to work through all these ironies. A logo redesign is part of identity development. A logo redesign means your old logo will hold no meaning anymore. Your old logo will just be an old memory that will outlast its life for a long period.

Hence there is more pressure on the new logo, it needs to have a stronger impact and needs to have created positive media attention. Our graphic designers will work tirelessly to come with the perfect logo that will add to your brand and your new identity development.
Basic Outreach Strategy
So after planning your new identity and brand the next thing would be reaching out to your new clients and trying to control your media presence. So it is important to plan your basic outreach strategy. Your outreach strategy can be planned by us from writing out a media release to help create a social media calendar. Social media will help give your new identity a more personalized outlook while official media releases are professional and significant. Your Basic outreach strategy also product modification and reassurance of your old customers. And with our excellent customer service and graphic designing team, we got you covered on both those fronts. Rebranding will never be simple or easy, especially while you are also competing with so many brands.
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