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A Career Accelerator for India’s Top Freshman Talent

Growup holds an intensive training program to help college students in India break the increasing unemployability and hone the power of ever-growing gig-economy, by becoming national and International Growlancers.


Introducing 12 niche modules that speak volumes about their relevance for college-goers and their growth. These can be either organized in the college premises or conducted virtually ranging from 2-5 days.

1. Online Visibility (#2-day course)- Knee deep into the digital age, it is mandatory to display one’s skills and what better way to do it online. In this module, students explore how to create an online presence that would nourish their personality. This is pursued via activities like blogging if you adore writing, or creating a podcast if you are a storyteller.

2. Linkedin (#2-day course)- Despite being a professional platform, beginners use LinkedIn casually as a social media platform which decreases their credibility in the near future. Here, we teach students quick hacks on how to maneuver their professional network right from college days.

3. Enhancing ELQ (#2-day course)- Multiple Curriculums focus on enhancing the Intelligence Quotient (I.Q.) of the students, but the Emotional and Leadership Quotient is equally important as it is the era of creative and diverse jobs that require these critical characteristics.

4. Enhancing IQ (#2-day course)- Intelligence Quotient or IQ has been generalized and treated as an enemy but that is a myth. IQ performs various other functions like reasoning and logistics and thus we have introduced it as a module to ensure that students become familiar with this concept.

5. Unleashing Creativity (#2-day course)- We belong to the era where professionals like photographers, writers, designers, and others are also valued. For such intriguing professions, this particular module will help in increasing your creativity and productivity making sure that college-goers find their true passion and pursue it as a career.

6. CV/Resume/Cover letter (#5-day course)- The three terms, CV, Resume, and Cover letter, are used interchangeably as synonyms but there is a vast difference between the three. The professional world heavily emphasizes one’s CV, so this course will help you master these trinities.

7. Interview: Point of View (#2-day course)- Interviews are highly demonized and as a result, students underperform due to the terror generated by the folks. This module breaks all the myths about this process and teaches students how to carry themselves in the eyes of their prospective employers.

8. Get ready for remote working (#2-day course)- The pandemic, CoVID-19, has taught us a very valuable lesson, ‘Remote Working is the Future’. Imagine skipping the hassle of commute, yes, it sounds nice and that is why students have to get a hang of it.

9. 4 Pillars of Success: LSRW (#2-day course)- To conquer the corporate and professional world, one has to be a good Listener, Speaker, Reader, and Writer. These 4 pillars form the base of one’s success as they imply that you are aware and observant.

10. Feminism or Females (#2-day course)- This module is of utmost importance as disrespecting women and misogynistic behavior is never tolerated in the professional world. This course will help one understand the hardships faced by women and how to treat them with dignity, both professionally and personally.

11. Learn 150+ business skills before entering the corporate world (#5-day course)- Corporate World can be scary and entering it without learning some mandatory skills can reduce your chance of getting employed. Therefore this particular module tutor more than 150+ such skills so that one enters the corporate with diligence.

12. Present Yourself- Offline Visibility (#2-day course)- Online Visibility is the future and we are familiar with this concept. But offline visibility is equally important as it helps the employer to learn about your personality and employability.


Growup conducts a 6-month intensive program wherein students are taught five imperative courses, that form the backbone of any organization. After the conclusion of which the students work on 30 live projects from the industry.

1. Digital Marketing- A fairly common terminology that increases the presence of an organization through the use of marketing techniques via the Internet. Digital Marketing, being economical, also helps an organization to target the global market. This 6-month program will help the students learn the core of digital marketing and cover various techniques used by the corporates to market their products and services.

2. Content Writing- Writing is the art of persuading the audience that they have to be a part of your corporate family. Thus, every organization needs a content team that would help them in each and every operation whether it is the creation of website content or copywriting. In this course, we help the students understand technical and corporate writing so that their passion for writing gets them employed.

3. Graphic Designing- From the thumbnail added to an article to the latest movie released, graphic designers provide the right material for distinctive industries. This doesn’t mean that they only edit pictures and videos, there is a lot of work that goes into the process. Our graphic designing course not only focuses on the theory of the subject but also tutoring the students about the usage of different software.

4. Linkedin- Linkedin is more than just a module. It is a pervasive platform where people from diverse professions search for prospective employment. From aspiring employees to best portfolios, Linkedin helps create a credible image amongst the giants like Microsoft, Facebook, and many more. Hence, this course will help you market yourself in the professional world.

5. Web Development- Digital Marketing and Web Development go hand-in-hand. Having a website is not a choice but a compulsion. Web development is an umbrella term and includes various tasks like web design, web maintenance, web programming, and many others. As the number of service providers keeps going up, web development helps them target the global audience. Therefore, this course will enable the students to achieve employability in the quintessential market of web development.


The motive of the Growlancer model is to make the students a part of the soaring Gig Economy, where they will work with ample number of clients and projects, thus eliminating the factors of long-term commitments and permanent jobs. The focus is to eradicate unemployability, not unemployment. Unemployability refers to a lack of skills in a person that hinders their professional growth. But when you become a part of the Growup family, the tag of being a fresher will be terminated because you work with us on more than 30 projects which will ensure that unemployability is not a problem. Therefore we make you a part of the Talent Economy, an environment that prioritizes flexibility and adaptability.

Campus Ambassador

The Growup Campus Ambassador Program is an opportunity for campus leaders who can initiate, educate, and guide their fellow batchmates. This exclusive program will enable the Ambassadors to work closely with the C-level Executives of Growup by bridging the gap and thereby an additional layer of experience to your CV.


1. Network- Work with highly experienced remote teams of Growup professionals belonging to different poles of the country, while ensuring that your fellow mates can achieve the job-security they desire.

2. Experience- Experience how the corporate world works and keep completing the professional bucket-list.

3. Master new Skills- Develop new career skills while working on various projects.

4. Explore- Explore various professional opportunities through internships and conferences, and discover your passion in the process.


Students from pre-final years are allowed to be a part of this program. Since our structure emphasizes on remote work, your geographical coordinates don’t matter.


Our incentives vary from monetary to professional i.e. students are paid for the internship and also get to add this valuable program in their CV, therefore increasing their chances of getting employed.


We expect you to devote only one academic year of your college that could be either the freshman year or sophomore year.

Established in India in 2018, Growup Group has grown to become one of India's fastest-growing and the most vouched for (WAAS) Workforce as a Service Company.
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