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“52 working days and 3000 dollars” to hire 1 employee. This was a study conducted by Glassdoor to understand the manpower, time, and money company’s spend only to drown in resumes and CVs.

With a 50 percent success rate, Growup gives nothing other than the best fit. Growup serves any and all kinds of companies looking to hire the best candidate for a white-collar position. We have all that it takes and more to give you the best possible outsourcing services.

Some Challenges faced while Hiring

Vicious Cycle of Hiring

Even after selecting the best person for the job, there is a high chance that the person won’t hold onto the job. There is always a huge gap between the employee and the employer.

Candidates can mislead themselves during interviews and in their resumes.

It is not uncommon for Candidates to fabricate the truth or just lie on their resumes. Companies often do not have the time to go through every resume with a fine comb.

Often companies lack the resources to hire an employee and also train them

Companies that are just are just starting to pick up, lack the resources in terms of time and money.

A lot of research and reports have shown that employers are often biased and can pick based on their own prejudice.

And these are just a few examples of the growing problems in recruiting a proper employee.

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Corporate Training
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Established in India in 2018, Growup Group has grown to become one of India's fastest-growing and the most vouched for (WAAS) Workforce as a Service Company.
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