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April 9, 20200


Are you fed up with your employees repeating the same mistakes over and over again? There is the slightest chance that they feel the same because you keep nagging them. Travel down your memory lane and try to relive those days when you were a beginner. Sounds harsh? Because it is.




Being an employee is already hard and when managers start pressuring them with more deadlines and no appreciation they start losing their patience and motivation towards work. And nobody would want an employee who gets paid for showing up. Be the mentor that you wanted when you were a beginner so that they can learn along with working hard for you.



A manager’s job is equally difficult because there is not one employee under them, but a whole department to take care of, along with coordinating with other departments. Sometimes situations can get out of hand, which is fine but the manager has to make sure that they handle the situation with care and don’t mistreat their employees. The workforce has to be kept motivated to get the best results, which could be hard sometimes, that is why we are here to help you out-



  1. Belongingness- An employee should feel welcomed in a new environment because this is the factor that decides their willingness to perform. Everyone has a different personality and no one should feel that they don’t belong in the given environment because this kills the motivation and lowers their morale.



The workplace environment should be welcoming and sensitive towards people from a different race, gender, sexuality, age, etc. To make them familiar with the environment they should be introduced with the place and the people.


  1. Socialize- Yes, there are breaks in the office but it is hard for the employees to socialize with other employees and next to impossible to approach their seniors in a formal setting.To enhance the interaction between various forces, the managers should organize various programs that ensure participation from everyone.



Events like picnics, monthly happy hours, family day, yoga day, etc. require participation from everyone and help people to connect with each other. This removes the barrier of seniority and puts an impression of similarity in the minds of the workforce.


  1. Appreciation- When one is a part of the workforce, they expect something in return for their hard work. That ‘something’ doesn’t have to be always in kind, it could be a simple appreciation for their work and dedication.



This increases their morale, they feel that their work is valuable and they feel noticed.

  1. Initiative- There are times when employees pitch ideas and they are ignored because of their lack of experience in the field. But you never know what you consider as lack of experience can turn out to be a master plan and help the organization earn profits in the longer run.



Also, letting the employees be a part of the decision-making process makes them feel included and increases their trust in the organization. This motivates them to take up more work and responsibility.


  1. Feedback- Having a vertical and one-way communication in the management makes the environment rigid and prone to disinterested employees. Feedback ensures two-way communication and active participation of the employees. This says that the organization promotes change for the betterment of the workforce.



Also, this shows they are continuously striving to be better for the greater good and to improve working conditions.


  1. Employee Friendly Environment- It is extremely monotonous to sit on a seat work for hours, this constraint movement and leads to an unhealthy lifestyle. There are various ways by which this problem can be solved like having a soothing colour scheme of the office, adding a ping pong table, keeping plants, etc.



If these solutions are not available, try to offer adequate breaks and a proper break room with sufficient refreshments so that they can eat, rest and socialize.


  1. Job security- It is very important for the employees to feel that their job is secure and they won’t be fired if made a mistake or two. Because it is a well-known fact that when a task is carried out under pressure the chances of failing at it increase.



The employees, whose job is secured, are the best performers because they are open to making mistakes and learn from them. Lack of job security leads to erroneous work and distress among employees.


  1. Promote work-life balance among employees– A good work-life balance for employees can improve employees’ motivation, increase their retention rates and reduce absence from work.



No work emails between 7 p.m. and 5 a.m. rule should be followed so that the employees can spend time with their families, partake in outside activities and just recharge their jets for the next morning.


  1. Offer Growth– Employee morale can be boosted by giving them a sense of purpose so they have a goal to work towards and something to look forward to. Job promotion is not always the case instead; you can send them to a course or conference to improve their professional skills. This sense of growth will keep them motivated to perform well.



Making a few changes in the management can help the employees to give their best performance. Their trust in the organization increases and the camaraderie between the employee and the manager deepens.



Changing the environment to make it more employee-friendly doesn’t mean letting your guard down or your authority decreases, but it shows that you care.

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