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March 15, 20230

Miras does not stress me to talk the language when he enjoys our very own vocabulary and is satisfied we instructed your it

Opposite side of the country for me upcoming during the Cumbria. You will find relatives for the Manchester (Hyde). Yeah, cannot stress about what, it will become simpler over time and you may exercises. I find enjoying Shine Tv helps and also have when we view video clips my partner leaves gloss subtitles on it and i learn that way too. What i see most difficult is significantly of Polish words are only united nations-pure to English tongues, characters that individuals have never in advance of was required to use together only never roll from our lips with ease. We have provided my boyfriend enough jokes while he listens as i ruin his words:D We invested a when in Warsaw a year ago and you may managed ok (apart from onetime when i mistakenly advised one of many group regarding regional Tesco. Przepraszam, nie rozumiem moj jezyk polski jest gowno. which means disappointed, i try not to learn, my polish language was shite hahah) I didn’t suggest it to come out this way. it simply style of did thankfully he heard of funny front, but I’m a great deal more cautious with what We say now, I would personally was indeed mortified basically got insulted an adult people. We’re going to Warsaw this weekend therefore we came across when we both spent some time working along with her.

Funny i live in Ashton lower than lyne 😉 It is comedy when anyone error your for being Polish. The new Shit keyword produces myself laugh. its like the Govener that have however are slag having okay boss hahah. Last year we had been on the Skype with my people’s sister appearing having vehicles and i didnt understand why their sis left claiming co? co? whenever i repeatedly said ooohh chesp automobile low priced vehicle! Our company is off to Poland again for the sixth for organization and will get a decoder toward Gloss tv as yes i am aware you are right. p.s shine guys are charming arnt it 😉

However this appears like ladies pieces within the Shine ha ha

Ha-ha “cheap” i am aware precisely which polish keyword your indicate lol. Inform your spouse to test the television enterprises. we’d Aster in our apartment inside Poland there is many channels having English subs otherwise one to desired you to definitely alter the words to English as well, if you would like.

working from home now 😉 ah nice tip as the we wish to end up being good bi lingual household members as soon as we live-in Poland. Everyone in the community try pleased and a tiny jealous i thought. A number of was discovering English at school but the majority frightened so you’re able to are just like me when speaking Polish, some body giggle but Miras says their lead to we sound sweet. That nephew refuses to deal with i’m English and you may foretells myself from inside the Shine throughout the day lol (cute). You to definitely neighbour said they are planning English college or university as he is feel i’m very funny when we features functions and would love to possess Miras not to have so you’re able to change all dos minutes (i did so instruct your some impolite terms to check out works with in the brand new year no matter if). Do you have students yet ,? How are their husbands friends to you?

Their neices and you will nephews like that have a keen English Aunt and have me personally out over its freinds and you may English code professor (who is a small afraid of me personally)

It should be a comparable getting their family members of trying to dicuss English, just like it is for people. perception ashamed/shy lol Their family relations are typical great beside me, their Father letter cousin talk English anyhow, his mum does not (except for a number of claim terms and conditions) however, like I said I know lots, the one and only thing We ask when they chat Gloss is to Reduce and you may I’m always great, connect ninety% of the discussion. During my past occupations i usually needed to consult with polish people within great britain in addition they carry out request an effective translator, I will talk pleasantries together, desired, let them waiting, tell them everything i try carrying out an such like. identify my partner is Gloss once they questioned how i you will definitely chat their code and you can what extremely blew its mind is actually reacting her or him before translator got a chance to change for me pmslI know what it is eg if you need to remain asking “what” “what” through the the dialogue, i actually do they as he speaks with his family relations and you will uses jargon.He probably knows as much English crappy code once i perform hahah even when “KURWA” has been their fav pmslNo we don’t have any college students but really, intend to in the near future whether or not, think about you?

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