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April 10, 20200


From the current scenario, it is quite evident that if you want to conquer the business market, you have to be a headliner on LinkedIn. It is the place where all the big and small organizations fight their battles and look for their perfect employees. For new young adults in the job market, it is the perfect place to start because the interface is user-friendly and quite handy!



But, as simple as it sounds, the process itself is a very tough one to crack. LinkedIn has come out to be a very professional and endearing website for personnel pursuing all sorts of professions. We know that the job market can be quite intimidating, but we are here to help you! And put LinkedIn Tools to their best use.


  1. Complete your Profile

When you start creating your profile on LinkedIn it is important to be patient. Remember that every step is put in place to define you as an employee that companies might look at. 



There are numerous questions asked by the website and it can take forever to answer those questions, but don’t lose your calm and try to answer all of them because an incomplete profile looks unprofessional. Also, don’t hesitate to put up a decent profile picture because your first impression is derived from there. Always make sure that you have an intriguing headline or at least it’s not left blank. If you don’t feel like adding anything then just mention your current job status on it. Your skills define the kind of work you can do or master, so please add relevant and necessary skills. The summary gives a brief about your personality which helps an employer to study you.


  1. Follow the Right People

Be selective, the Job Market is vast and it is important to be as specific as possible. 



There are numerous companies and firms on LinkedIn and that doesn’t mean you start following all of them. Follow those who are relevant to your field and where you have a fair chance of being employed.


  1. Connections – Remember this is for professional purposes only! 


Unlike Social media that is used for multiple purposes like keeping in touch with your friends. Remember that LinkedIn is for broadening your professional network and making you a likeable candidate for job application.



This also includes ex-professors and ex-colleagues as your connections for reference purposes.


  1. Peruse – 


Use the application as wisely as possible. LinkedIn has multiple tools that can help increase your intellectual capabilities. 



 LinkedIn is more than looking for jobs and reaching out to people. There are various things that you can do like, write your own blogs, learn new skills and courses, etc. Go through the website thoroughly and find out what you can do to make the most out of it. It is easy to be oblivious and naive and blame the luck for not getting a job but if you let go of the opportunities which the website provides, this shows your lack of interest. Various programs can add value to your CV and portrays you as a person who is keen on learning.


  1. Your links – 


Don’t feel embarrassed showing your work! Be proud!



Your profile might feel complete without links, but is it? It is advisable to add links from your previous jobs and experiences because that shows your work and sincerity. The more they know about your work more are the chances that you get selected. Add your best works but make sure that should be useful to them or else there is no point in adding something which is of no value to them. If you don’t like a particular piece and you are not sure about it but it could be valuable to the employers still add it, this shows that you are not ashamed of your mistakes.


  1. Apply for relevant positions – 


You must show your worth and have a distinct and concrete understanding of your job requirements. 



When you are new, you tend to apply for any job available, avoid doing that because it looks desperate and creates a bad impression. So, apply for jobs that you are interested in and not to a place where you have a higher chance of being chosen. You might miss an opportunity that is more valuable if you run after any job. Don’t be after a job that will pay your bills but look for one which would pay your bills and satiate the artist inside you.



We know it is a lengthy process and can take a lot of time but time has told us that good attributes come to those who wait for work hard. So don’t give up!


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