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February 3, 2021by vggadmin0

Ease your work by hiring a virtual employee. A virtual workforce is the need of the hour. From managing emails to scheduling meetings, a Virtual Assistant can save your day by working remotely for you. You can delegate your mundane and time-consuming tasks to a virtual assistant. Hiring a VA not only saves your time but is also more affordable than a full-time employee. Plus it gives you more productiveness and is a boost for your start-up. The trend of remote working is amping up as it is more convenient than working in a traditional office. The world is adopting a virtual workforce, so should you.

List of Virtual Assistant Services:

1. Administrative Assistance
Hiring a Virtual Administrative Assistant not only makes your work easy but also helps in the growth of your business. Instead of doing all the tasks by yourself which gives hardly any time to think and relax, delegate your tasks to an assistant. Tasks like:

  • Research
  • Word Processing
  • Calendar Management
  • Call Screening
  • To-Do List Management
  • Inbox Management
  • Travel/Itinerary Management
  • Appointment Setting
  • Budget Planning
  • Event Planning

2. Social Media Marketing
Let a social media marketing VA portray your story and business on all social media platforms in a professional manner. These VAs plan out the most perfect social media calendar according to your target audience. Uplift your Brand Awareness, Leads, and website traffic with a Social Media Marketing VA. What do they do?

  • Create social media profiles on different platforms
  • Schedule posts with the help of social media tools
  • Increase your audience reach on all social media platforms
  • Create performance metrics and measure analytics

3. Research Assistance
Finish your work on time and enjoy your life while your Research Virtual Assistant digs and puts in all the research work for you, costing less than a full-time research team. Any kind of research to help grow your business, your VA puts in the efforts and patience to give you the best.

  • Current Market Scenario
  • Compiling Research Data
  • Primary Research
  • Secondary Data
  • Quantitative Research
  • Qualitative Research
  • Comparative Research

4. Human Resource Assistance
Recruiting new employees, recording performance, improving staff morale, Virtual Human Resource Assistants have got your back. A human resource VA can handle multiple tasks while working remotely for you. Also, a VA costs less than a full-time HR employee. Keep your business in check with an HR virtual assistant.

  • Create Job Description
  • Post and Filter Jobs
  • Reply to company reviews online
  • Follow up with interviewees
  • Screen Applications

5. Small Business Support
Grow your business more effectively with the support of a skilled Virtual Assistant. Small businesses and start-ups are the seeds of our economy and without investing much on your employees hire a VA now to help you assist take your business to great heights.

  • Online advertisement and E-Commerce
  • Data Processing/ Bookkeeping
  • Document Management
  • Customer Support
  • Itinerary Management/ Travel
  • Research
  • Recruitment

6. Real Estate Assistance
Let your remote employee handle all your real estate tasks so that you can focus on creating your sales strategies. Anything from paperwork, emails, scheduling meetings, your VA is here to handle all of it while you maintain a balance with your personal life. The following are the jobs a Real Estate Assistant can handle for you.

  • Real Estate data scrapping
  • Posting advertisements
  • Lead Management
  • Utilities Management
  • File Management
  • Budgeting/Agent-Broker Agreements

7. Digital Marketing Assistance
An efficient digital marketing is a must to ace your business. But spending too much time on it instead of working on your business or yourself is not ideal. A digital marketing virtual assistant is your go-to key. Instead of a full-time hire a VA only for the hours you need and fuel in your marketing strategy.

  • Email Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Content Marketing
  • Social Media Campaigns
  • Crowdsourcing
  • Target Relevant Audience
  • Schedule Posts
  • Keep Up with Trends

8. Travel Assistance
Planning and arranging a trip all by yourself can be troublesome with a business to handle. Make your travel easy and hassle-free with a Travel Virtual Assistant. Be it for business or a holiday, from booking tickets to your stay, everything will be covered by a Travel VA. Pack your bags and a remote employee has your trip ready.

  • Make Itineraries
  • Car rental
  • Researching and booking flights and hotels
  • Finding & Booking Restaurants
  • RSVP to Parties and Events
  • Handle Last-Minute Plans
  • Travel Insurance
  • Sending Reminders
  • Getting best Deals/ Budget
  • Currency Exchange

9. Why is it worth to hire a Virtual Assistant?

There is nothing worry about. You finally get the work-life balance you always craved for with Growup’s Virtual Assistants.

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