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    Cut Costs | Simplify Training
    Embrace a network of remote talent,
    Enhancing your work-life harmony

    Hire Top 2% vetted talent in 24 Hours
    Pre-trained on Top 150+ Business Skills for 4-6 weeks
    High Privacy & Confidentiality
    Build a Distributed Workforce’ Hierarchy
    Plug n Play Method

    Popular FAQ's

    How can I trust that my data is secure and confidentiality is maintained?
    • Trust, security, discretion are paramount for Growup
    • Client’s sensitive data is stored and handled correctly
    • Background check done
    • References from the previous employer obtained
    • NDA with Growup signed
    • Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy reflect the same
    • Individual NDA can be signed
    I have never worked in this kind of Remote structure, I am apprehensive
    • Work structure picking up in India/worldwide
    • Popular in the West
    • Time-saving solution
    • Boon for various businesses
    Is communication a hassle given that they are remotely located?
    • Never, VAs communicate via phone, email, WhatsApp, Slack, Skype whenever required
    • The daily reporting system followed
    What if I don't like my VA and I want a replacement?
    • Strict hiring process
    • Tested communication skills, online research and problem-solving skills
    • Replacement done without questions could take 1 to 7 days
    What if a situation comes if different clients of the VA need their work done at the same time of the day?
    • VAs schedule their work by priority levels, volume and urgency
    • Placing priority levels and deadlines on your projects encouraged
    • VAs to maintain 100% transparency and right expectations about the time of work delivery
    Can I hire a team of mixed skills?
    • Yes. You can hire a team of VAs having mixed skillset.
    • For example, you can hire one VA for 3hr, another for 4hr and so on having different skills.
      (Note: You have to pay differently for each VA)

    Growup Group
    Supported by 7 Major Brands

    Growup VA
    Growup Virtual Assistants have constantly outdone themselves and hence continue to maintain a continuous work relationship.
    Growup Academy
    is first of its kind in India as it counts the likes of affordable education with job security and recruitment.
    Growup Partner Program
    Growup understands that some projects are tougher than others, let us take hefty work by collaborating via Growup Partner Program.
    Growth Consultants
    Hire experienced brainstormers who may be able to think about a list of new creative ideas in a short time for your Digital Marketing Strategies.
    Growup Assessments
    helping companies assess job applicants and current employees on language, cognitive, functional and soft skills.
    Growth Outsourcing
    Our RPO specialists help you to leverage your HR processes by connecting their local recruitment expertise with the scalability and flexibility you aspire for your enterprise.
    Growup Spaces
    Our in-house interior designers will maximize your chances of putting together the most productive, functional, and visually appealing workspace at the lowest possible cost.

    And, more to come ....

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    Established in India in 2019, Growup Group has grown to become one of India's fastest-growing and the most vouched for (WAAS) Workforce as a Service Company.
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