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Need help reaching clients, collecting leads, uncovering possible customers and contriving clients’ data; building clients profiles furthermore reaching corporate clients?

LinkedIn is the largest professional network across the globe. According to LinkedIn, they currently have 645+million users and are spread over 200 countries and territories. LinkedIn is where companies bank to find new talent. LinkedIn becomes a credible economic opportunity for not only a person looking for work but also companies looking for employees.

Needless to say, LinkedIn is one of the most important professional social platforms for businesses and start-ups. We understand the level of importance that is given to this platform by Small Business Owners and New-Age Entrepreneurs so Growup’s Virtual Assistants come with a lot of experience and expertise.

    Unleash the LinkedIn Power...

    Build Your Brand's Story!

    As a Business first, we understand the significance of LinkedIn. We understand why and how you would want to represent yourself on LinkedIn. Growup VAs are not only equipped but are also open to learning more about your business. So not only are we quick to help you we are also good listeners.

    It is also important to note that we provide social media assistance for any platform, and would openly welcome the opportunity of social media marketing. We are fully trained and specialized in all social media platforms; however, we encourage emerging and established companies to understand the status and reputation of LinkedIn in the business world.

    Our VA's are equipped to handle any kind of LinkedIn scenario, such as:
    Increase Your LinkedIn Connections
    A lot of times your old contacts lose touch with your brand. Especially old clients that might no longer subscribe to your services. We can send a message to those cold contacts and hopefully, they can be an active participant on your page. Having the maximum number of your members being active is one of the other signs of a successful LinkedIn page.
    Post Updates in Relevant Groups
    It is important to be part of the relevant conversations happening over threads and conversational status uploads over LinkedIn. Our VAs make sure you are part of the group’s reach and you reach your desired target audience. Our VAs understand the LinkedIn Platform well after the rigorous in-house training that they are put through and how it functions. So, we would want you to be a part of a limited number of qualitative groups.
    Reach Out to Cold Leads
    As an entrepreneur, your day can get quite busy and often meetings can overlap with one another. You need someone to help organize your calendar. We can give you a virtual reminder and organize your diary. It could consist of new business ideas, meeting notes, or your schedule, we can take care of it all.
    Manage LinkedIn Sales Navigator
    LinkedIn sales navigator is a LinkedIn tool that's meant to help you target the right buys, understand key insights of your business and help increase personalized outreach. Our VAs are equipped with this tool and can help you quickly navigate through it. We can help in making the use of the tool in the best way possible.
    Established in India in 2019, Growup Group has grown to become one of India's fastest-growing and the most vouched for (WAAS) Workforce as a Service Company.
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