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In today’s fast-paced digitally advanced arena, digital marketing for any company is as vital as any other kind of marketing. digital marketing holds equal if not more value in the world of advertising due to its overpowering effect on its audience. Traditional marketing is still effective but has its limitations. Traditional marketing is often costly, cannot target a specific audience and is not as effective. It is difficult to create a presence in digital marketing without an expert for any Start-up, Small Business owner or even a freelancer.

These days a lot of companies hire Virtual Assistants such as; Google, Delloite, KPMG, PWC, and BCG. These VA’s are usually specialized in specific tasks. As stated by the Week “A virtual assistant (VA) may be an employee, freelancer, or independent contractor who works online and performs a variety of tasks to help individuals or businesses”.

Digital marketing virtual assistants (VA) is the one who specializes in the world of digital marketing. They are abreast of the digital marketing trends and make sure to apply the same to your brand’s online messaging philosophy. Their tasks vary depending on the platform and the business requirements.

    Digital marketing VA’s can assist a Start-up with a lot of digital marketing tasks. Here are a few examples:

    • If your website isn’t getting a lot of attention, they can assist you with keyword searches and how to advertise your website on various digital marketing platforms.
    • They can create calendars on how and when to post.
    • They can make sure your content is trendy but customized to your company.


    It is understandable why all this can be overwhelming for any business, especially a start-up. This is why Growup digital marketing VA’s are here to assist. Our digital marketing VA’s will not only make sure that the brand is up to date with digital marketing trends and content but will also make sure that the page represents the brand ideals. With an optimal level of efficiency, we can make sure that your brand gets the digital marketing attention it deserves.
    Growup digital marketing VA can help you with a lot of tasks. Listed below are a few tasks that a Growup digital marketing VA can help a Start-up with:
    Internet feedback can always go unnoticed simply due to its quantity. But they can also have great gems hidden in them that can be used as Business ideas. Crowdsourcing is an important tool for most businesses due to the rapid growth of internet users in today’s world. A VA will help you manage the feedback and can pick out business ideas valuable for the company. We also help with quick responses to customer queries.
    Set Up Your Account
    The main digital account of any business is imperative because it represents the face of the company. For example, Netflix India’s Instagram account often interacts with its users and hires influencers to promote their content. Our VAs can ensure that your digital marketing space gets the kind of attention your business needs. Our VA’s are also specialized in creating Creatives and infographics.
    Content Development
    Once the account has been set up, the main question that our VA can help you answer “Is when and how to post?” A Content Developer is responsible for developing a company's content strategy. They focus on creating a content timeline for your company. We will ensure to constantly update all your digital marketing handles. For example, any food online services would take up an opportunity to remind people about their services during festivals. The timing and research put into the specific post would help gain more customers.
    Keep Up with Trends
    Digital marketing trends come and go. Hence, keeping the track of digital marketing trends can be a tedious task but can be rewarding for any brand. Understanding which trend can help with the promotion of the brand is a question that our VA can help answer.
    Target Relevant Audience
    Digital marketing and the internet at large have made it easier for us to target a specific audience for any products. Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and other digital marketing platforms have tools to help us with the target audience. However, trying to narrow down an audience who would be interested in the product is difficult and requires the help of a specialist.
    Schedule Posts through Buffer
    Buffer is a software application that helps you with your digital marketing content by scheduling it. They also help with the analysis of the content to see how well it did across all digital marketing platforms.
    Reply to Reviews via Hootsuite
    This specific app is centred around digital marketing integrations. It takes the form of a dashboard and combines all your digital marketing handle's information!
    Manage LinkedIn Sales Navigator
    This tool is centred around three basic things: Target, Understanding Key insights and Personalized Outreach.
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