B2B Lead Generation

Your customers need you. But how do you reach them?

We are here to help! 

More than 50% of marketers find B2B lead generation to be demanding, and we can’t agree more! We live in a post-pandemic world, and surviving in the market is not as easy. The buyers are well-informed and more self-aware than ever. And hundreds of more companies like yours are trying to reach potential consumers. So how can you convert those missed targets into profitable leads?

Why makes our lead generation methods effective?

We, at Leadup, focus on five primary actions to offer you customized lead-generation services that get you qualified, profitable leads. 

  1. Establish and Engage: Build on your list of leads
  2. Making the Impression: Effective, impactful dialogue
  3. Qualification: Set up the needs and relevance 
  4. Keep Connected: Relevant and regular conversations
  5. Augmentation: Lead distribution with the sales team

Introducing- Leadup, Lead generation services from Growup.

Give your business the growth it deserves! 

We are here to provide you with lead-generation programs catered to the needs of your marketing and sales methods.  Get ready to welcome our team of professionals who specializes in identifying leads with hassles that your business can solve, and catalyze them with continued interaction to produce highly qualified leads( HQL).  Results? High productivity and profits and minimize costs. 

How do we work?

Our lead generation services work using inbound and outbound techniques. With inbound lead generation, we focus on mediums like SEO and social media, making it effective for both B2B and B2C segments. Outbound techniques target B2B segments through techniques like cold calls, and email marketing. Along with our comprehensive list of targets, we make use of Sales Navigator, Cruncbase, and Apollo to diversify our list of potential clients. Once we receive a response from the leads, they are redirected to you for further communication. 


Our simple and effective lead generation process provides you now only with expedient data but also gathers detailed insights from the data.  

Our 4 – step process includes:

Recognizing your consumer’s pain points
Distinguishing qualifiable leads
Identify buyer’s interests
Building engagements and communication

What makes us unique?

  • High Conversion rates
  • State-of-the-art infrastructure
  • Exclusive database
  • Accurate CPL Pricing
  • The committed client success manager
  • Multiple Channel Engagement

We deliver success! Leadup has been working with software and IT firms to curate selective consumer profiles and reach out to prospects across multiple channels to generate meaningful communication with decision-makers.

80+ Clients Served
200000+ Prospects Delivered
18000+ Deals Closed

Appointment Setting FAQs

  1. What does B2B appointment setting mean?
  2. What things should you focus on for the B2B appointment setting?
  3. Can I set appointments with the decision-makers?

What is B2B Lead Generation?

Your business is ready to take off, but to sustain it you need customers. B2B lead generation helps you reach potential clients organically. The marketing methodology includes various inbound techniques that build visibility and awareness tailored to the interests of target consumer groups. 

B2B Appointment Setting Services

Every lead needs time to nurture and grow. B2B appointment setting gives it that time and attention, accelerating the company’s sales pipeline. B2B appointment schedules an official meeting giving the sales representatives the perfect opportunity to provide decision-makers with detailed information on the product, draw up the contracts and close the deal. With Leadup appointment setting services, we can help you minimize sales cycles for complex sales processes and generate more attention to prospects who are more likely to buy. 


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