Why should you hire a Growup Small Business Support
Virtual Assistants?

Best virtual assistant services for your everyday business needs.

Growup gives the same attention to big and small businesses. We understand that as a small business you might just need everything in a small amount instead of any specific service that we provide. Small Businesses have always been helpful to the economy and a true breath of fresh air. So whether it is bookkeeping or content writing, let us give you our aid in any way possible.

Our Virtual Assistants promise to put in the same amount of effort and time and give you the service in the most efficient way possible. Our firm grows with the growth of your business, so here are a few ways we can help you:

    Take our word for it!

    Get The Real Support Your Business Needs!

    Our Small Businesses are spread all over and the reason being is that we feel that small businesses need support in more than one aspect. Our VAs will work for you and your businesses so that you can continue to grow.
    Online advertisement and E-Commerce
    Online advertisement is a cheap and helpful way to support businesses. A social media account and a web page are two very easy ways for your customers to reach you. Our Web designers are very talented in the work they do. So let us create a website that can reflect your business and be just as convenient for your client. Not only that, e-commerce is an upcoming platform. We can recommend websites that can outsource your product and we can find ways for you to sell your product through your website.
    Data Processing/ Bookkeeping
    Data processing is an important part and must be handled with extreme care. Our Data process can control and manage your Data. We can also handle your invoices. Your invoices are important for future profits and our main aim is to help your business grow and gain more profits. Out VA's are extremely thorough and can also manage your taxes. A lot can be managed by our VA and as mentioned before, we want to support your business in any way possible.
    Document Management
    From legal documents to research documents, all of them need to be managed and kept safely. We can manage your documents so that they are accessible and yet confidential.
    Customer Support
    You might not enough staff to answer customer queries quickly which might lead to unsatisfied customers. We can give quick replies to your customers, set up a FAQ page and also find quicker ways for your customers to reach out to you.
    Itinerary Management/ Travel
    Your business heavily relies on you and we understand that. But we also understand that you might need some days to vacation over the years. We can create the perfect travel plan for you that's super fun and harmless to your business. We can also take care of your business for those couple of days that you just want to relax.
    Research - Primary and Secondary
    Research is important for business growth and management. Research about your competitors and your audience can prepare you for future battles. Our researchers work tirelessly to produce research in a way that can help your business.
    Our research can help you hire new employees, put job descriptions on various websites and help you hire the kind of employees that would be best suited for your business.
    Established in India in 2019, Growup Group has grown to become one of India's fastest-growing and the most vouched for (WAAS) Workforce as a Service Company.
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