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But why hire a Virtual Administrative Assistant when you can hire a human assistant? Well, for one, VA’s are more experienced because they have worked with all kinds of businesses whether it’s a startup or even a renowned company like Google. So needless to say, they are more adaptable to change. Full-time Employees will cost you more, but VA(s) are affordable and can provide you with multiple services under one umbrella. We come with all the benefits of a full-time assistant, but with varied experiences and skills.

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    Executive Assistance?
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    It is needless to say that Grow up’s Administrative VA's are more than willing to assist you in all administrative tasks. As competition grows every day, we hope to put our experience and time into strengthening and growing your business. Administrative tasks are often hindrances due to how long and painful they are; which is why we are here to take your worry away.
    Research is an integral part of the business. Without proper research, a business can't take new steps. Our VAs use the proper tools and give you verified facts and figures. You could trust us to find you any relevant information for your business as quickly as possible through advanced tools!
    Word processing
    Word processing is the production of important documents through computerized typing and text-editing. Proper production of language is a sign of true professionalism. Therefore, every document that represents your company must be created with expertise and licensed assistants. Cross your heart and delegate your word processing to our VA(s)!
    Calendar Management
    As an entrepreneur, your day can get quite busy and often meetings can overlap with one another. You need someone to help organize your calendar. Our Virtual Assistants can give you a virtual reminder and organize your diary. It could consist of new business ideas, meeting notes, or your schedule, they can take care of it all.
    Call Screening
    You get a million calls a day, often calls that do not add to your day. Call screening is processing your call before you pick them up. We can screen calls for you so that you don't have to take unimportant calls. While it is important to make new connections, it is also important to prioritize your work. We prioritize your business and its growth through these highly skilled and trained virtual assistants!
    To-Do List Management
    Let us turn it into Ta-Dah List! At times 24 hours just aren't enough. You have so much to do in your professional and personal life, and not enough time. We can help you structure your to-do list, and help you the most out of it. With our time management skills and your passions, we could be the dream team!
    Inbox Management
    Advancement in technology is truly a boon but also comes with its disadvantages. It's hard to trust what's real and what is not. Especially, while managing a business, your email can just get flooded with spam email, and what’s important might just get lost. With the help of our exceptional skills, we can make sure that whenever you open your email, you only read what’s important. An organized email is important for the road to a successful business!
    Travel/Itinerary Management
    We understand your requirements to travel to make your business a global success. We can make sure that you have the proper time to travel and spread your business. With the help of the Travel Virtual Assistants at Growup, we can also make travel bookings that will satisfy your travel requirements.
    Appointment Setting
    It is hard to get an appointment because most of your prospective recipients might be. You might not have the time to make those calls, but we do. We can help set up a meeting with people that might be important to your business. Not only that, but we can also send you constant reminders so that you do not forget.
    Budget Planning
    A budget is important for any task, especially for a startup. With a limited amount of money and unlimited dreams, it's hard to keep track of your expenditure. With a clear understanding of your finances, we can help you create a budget and keep a track of your monthly expenses. Growup Admin VA’s specialize in Bookkeeping.
    Event Planning
    Business events are a crucial part of any business venture. Perhaps, there is a very important conference that needs to be organized or a launch party at the eleventh hour. Events help make new connections and get more media attention. With our connections and event management, we can help you plan any business event. From keeping track of the budget to sending out the invitations, we have it all covered.
    Established in India in 2019, Growup Group has grown to become one of India's fastest-growing and the most vouched for (WAAS) Workforce as a Service Company.
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