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Ghost Writers?

Our Ghost Writers have penned down research-based booklets on social topics from medicine and recipes to true crime, public policy, and finance.

For a lot of authors, writing is a spiritual experience and needs to be done with no disturbances or interruptions. Authors often go to secluded places with little to no human interaction. We want your writing to be as successful as possible, and that means that you are allowed to write in peace.

Writing is a tough procedure that can get more difficult with other responsibilities, however with us around all you need to focus on is your words and the story you want to tell, our VA’s can manage the rest.


    Get That Pending Book Written

    Growup Virtual Assistants can assist you in the process of comfortable peaceful writing. From getting you any research to handling your presence on the internet we can work on it all. As a writer we want you to be confident in your writing and be proud of your work, so let us assist you in the following ways:
    Spend time on your writing
    One of our main objectives is for you to have the most time on your writing. We help with time management and we can create a To-do list. We will make sure that everyday daily work does not interrupt your writing. Roald Dahl used to spend 5 hours on his writing every single day, but in today's world it's hard to have 5 hours of peace, but we can help you with that.
    Research work
    Any kind of writing whether it's fiction or non-fictional requires a certain level of research. Whether it is research for a novel about science fiction or a Biography about your idol we can get you the research material you need as quickly as possible. Research work can take up to hours of your writing time and that would not be the productive use of those hours. We can get you the information so that you can get back to your writing.
    Your flow of words cannot be interrupted by minor grammatical errors. Trust us with our editing skills while you focus on the best way to deliver your message. Our editing team will make sure that the headache of grammar is gone.
    Online Branding
    The writer's community is a very strong online community. It is important to keep your online presence because it helps gain more committed readers and followers. We can take over your online presence as you write. We can handle your social media accounts and reply to your readers. Our online team can make sure that not only is your presence online constant but also true to you and your ideals. An online presence can also include any releases you might want to do about your writing.
    Collect Advances and Royalties
    While writing, one can lose touch with the outside world and news. We send news and messages so that once you are done writing you can also read up about issues that matter to you. We want you to stay in touch with the world when possible, and we create a list of articles that you might want to read. Not only that, but we can also contact your agent to keep track of your book writing.
    Handle Your Appointments & Meetings
    Personal life can get in the way of writing because while you write life continues to happen. With a personal assistant by your side, you can write without worry while they make sure that you don't forget your daily schedule, book appointments making sure that you are healthy physically and mentally.
    Established in India in 2019, Growup Group has grown to become one of India's fastest-growing and the most vouched for (WAAS) Workforce as a Service Company.
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