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They say, the success of any business heavily depends on its efficient marketing methods.

The success of any business heavily depends on its efficient marketing methods. Due to the excessive amount of competition in any field, your business needs the right amount of marketing strategies that would reach your target audience and generate more leads for your business. Marketing has become especially tricky due to the internet and the increased connectivity.

Growup Marketing VA’s have a clear understanding of the constantly changing marketing world. Our Growup VAs can help you with successful marketing campaigns by planning monthly calendars! Our online marketing assistance will help you achieve the desired ROI.

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    Marketing Assistants come with some serious advantages. It must be hard to believe how can one assistance come with so many aspects, but it truly is a dream come true for start-ups and other businesses. Growup hires professional VAs that come with a global understanding of marketing. That global understanding comes in handy even when your audience is in a specific location. Let our Virtual Marketing Assistant assist you so that your businesses can reach the masses.
    Make Landing Pages
    Landing pages are pages that readers land on when they click on a google ad/or possible a promoted link through any other digital channel. Google has a lot of rules and regulations about the ad campaigns that they choose to run on different websites. These rules and regulations include components like the Quality of your web page, your audience, content and many others. Our Landing Page Experts can help you create the perfect landing page so that your ad or infographic is the first thing a reader lays his eyes on.
    Study Social Media Analytics
    Word processing is the production of important documents through computerized typing and text-editing. Proper production of language is a sign of true professionalism. Therefore, every document that represents your company must be created with expertise and licensed assistants.
    Engaging with Influencers
    In this era of click-flash-post influencers have created a really strong platform for themselves. Collaborating with influencers that can help you reach the masses with a personalized message and influencer marketing thus, fits your budget significantly. Influencers that are perfect for your brand and your budget can be hard to find and the research can take up to hours simple because every medium has its influencers with its own set of audiences, and the number of influencers seems to be increasing every single day. Our VAs can give you helpful suggestions by screening influencers who can be a perfect fit for your brand.
    Build Stories & Viral Content
    Social Media has become a place for free and easy marketing. Social media research is important so that your company can market itself on the social media platforms usefully. An increase in followers, likes or retweets can all be very helpful for your brand. Whether it is creating an Instagram page, increasing your Facebook followers or getting more retweets, we can do it all through our strategic media planning.
    Trend Research
    Understanding Trends and devising a digital strategy is now another form of marketing. Participation in a trend can help you gain more followers on your respective social media platforms. Our VA team is up to date with most trends happening around the world because we get how useful these trends can be for future ad campaigns for our clients.
    Account Setup
    Account setup business can be a complication, we can create your account and keep a track of your activity. Make sure your page is an active part of conversations around your product. There are a lot of prerequisites for setting up a new social media account such as; deciding on a theme, getting a perfect profile picture and setting up a social media calendar.
    Email Blasts
    Did you know? Email Campaigns generate the highest amount of profitable leads for the business. Email newsletters are a helpful way to create a long-lasting relationship with your clients. It can contain fun facts about your product or your company. Newsletters are also a form of subtle advertising that helps you reach out to your clients. Those newsletters could either be monthly or weekly. We understand that your company might be busy creating one, so let our Virtual Assistants assist you.
    Blog Writing
    Blogs have become an important part of most businesses especially ones that function entirely online. Blogs not only contain content about the company but help in creating a personal connection with your audience. Your blog gives your business a more friendly outlook. Our VAs are trained in blog writing and also in creating niche and plagiarism-free content for your website.
    Guest Post Management
    Outsourcing an Article or Blog Writing to another party for your blog or page categorizes as a guest post. Guest posts are reassurance for your buyers. Your company’s content writers might praise the communication internally, but a guest writer doing so is considered objective and truthful. We can help you pick your guest posts out and how and when to publish them.
    Wordpress Administration
    WordPress is a famous web-hosting site through which blog pages and websites are created. They have a free and specific paid business plan tailor-made for many businesses. WordPress has tools that help it to monitor your readers and their demographics. We can administrate that for you and find ways to constantly make it better. Our VAs are also equipped with website designs.
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