Growup Spaces:
Building Productive Home-Offices

An organized workspace welcomes productivity. Growup Spaces is designed to keep your focus at an all-time high, by improving your physical surroundings, increasing your morale, and creating a tailor-made workspace that is aligned with your needs and preferences.

A dull workspace will only harm your quality of work. Get rid of the clutter and allow our experts to revamp the dingy nook at your house to fabricate the workspace of your taste.
By setting a home-office space, you will cut your commute from home to office to just 3 seconds! Roll off your bed and land in your home office every morning in just 3 seconds.
Instead of paying rent every month for your work’s infrastructural needs, Growup Spaces guarantees just a one-time investment. Allow us to design your workspace and you will never have to worry about your office anymore.
Our priority is increasing your work proficiency and output, not just adding sparkles to make everything beautiful. While we focus on making your home office comfortable and aesthetically pleasing, our professionals know the value and necessity of creating a space where you work faster and better.
Growup Spaces completes its assignment within 4 weeks. We understand the importance of commitment and hard work, and that is not just something we preach but also practice.

So what are you waiting for? Contact us now because you deserve to own the perfect workspace that compliments you and your work.

Finding your Work Den

Your Home Office can be built wherever you need it. Some people might be comfortable working in a room that has a direct view of the garden while some might find the basement to be a more peaceful and appealing space. Growup Spaces provides a wide range of possibilities: you can decide what suits you best!

Spare Corner

If your place cannot house a big space to be dedicated as the home office, a spare corner in your abode will surely do. This cosy nook of your house will redesign a spare corner to your needs and wants. This compact workspace will allow you to be more productive while not being completely disconnected from the rest of your home.

Dining Room

A very popular space, the dining room has recently become the coveted room for many home offices. If you are looking for a spacious area where you can easily spread your paperwork, this room will suit your needs. Since the dining room is not used all the time a day, it becomes the best spot to be productive now you can get ahead of those deadlines.


With a cheerful environment and fantastic island, your kitchen can now serve as an ideal home office. If you are looking for multitasking, this space would allow you to carry out your work while performing other chores. A suitable office for a home-owned business, a kitchen workspace will allow your desk to be easily camouflaged with countertops and sliding cabinets, especially for the remote women workforce.

Extra Bedroom

It is time to dazzle up the extra bedroom in your house. Allow us to transform the spare bedroom into a fully-functioning home office. If you do not have many visitors/clients knocking on your door, this room is the perfect candidate to serve as a workspace. Connect the Wi-Fi and dust off the desk because this extra bedroom will now become your place of hustling and winning.


Not only is a garage fit for housing your bikes, but once installed with office functionalities, this space of your house will serve as the best home office. Allow us to turn your garage soundproof and it will radiate productivity. With enough space, a separate entrance, and a connection to the house, the garage can be transformed into a supreme workspace.


Away from distractions, this place will be perfect for those who are most efficient when in silence. With a few fixes in the temperature and lighting, a soundproof basement can become the perfect home office. It is the ideal workspace for those businesses that keep their inventory and other paperwork in bulk at their office. A division can be constructed with one part used as office space while the other for familial functions.

Build yourself with Growup Spaces

Carefully curating a design that sits right with your expectations yet exceeds them at the same time, is the Growup Spaces vision.

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    Contact us to build and design your home office and get a boost in your productivity!

    Allow us to tailor your workspace according to your personality!

    We create a workspace that complements your goals!


    What price can these home offices range from?

    A good, decent-sized home office will start from ₹35000/+GST and can range up to  ₹1.75+GST. It will depend on your taste, preferences, needs, and design inclination. The material and logistic costs are inclusive of the plan.

    How long does it take to complete one home office?

    Time can range according to your requirements. But to provide our best, we try to complete it in as low as 2 weeks.

    What is the process you follow to design a home office after a client contacts you?

    We follow the below process:

    • Telephonic consultation
    • Video consultation (ECTDD)* with Architects
    • Physical visit with a refundable token amount of Rs 4000
    • Design and doc commercials
    • Physical setup
    • Final Documentation and project closure

    *(ECTDD-Early Concept Through Design Development)

    Will there be transparency between me and the head designer who is assigned my project?

    Yes, the designer will always be in contact with you.

    I am a religious person and would like to include religious idols and symbols in my home office. Would that hamper the productivity of the workspace?

    No, it would not.

    If the dining room or the kitchen is created into a workspace, would that not provide a hurdle in normal house activities?

    No, the dining room or kitchen turned into a workspace will be designed in such a manner so that it does not hinder the normal house activities. Example- compatible foldable table in the kitchen cabinet, storage space for stationery beside the dining table, etc.

    I would like to share my home office with my spouse and we have different professions. Can you accommodate the differences in our personalities?

    Yes, a single workspace with the requirement of two different professions and personalities can be created with enough space.

    I do not have a big house but I sometimes do my office work from my small attic. Can you convert it into a home office as well?

    Yes 100%. With Growup Spaces even a small nook in your house can be converted into a workspace according to your needs.

    Apart from productivity, what else is your focus on while designing a home office?

    Every client comes up with their requirements. Other than productivity we also focus on the type of work, requirements of working conditions, and style and taste of the client.

    Do you take Vastu and/or Feng shui into consideration while designing the workspace?

    Yes, if the client requires us to consider Vastu and/or Feng Shui, Growups Spaces has experienced designers who build a space according to the client’s requirements.

    What is the payment process?

    You have to pay 75% before the start of the project, and the remaining 25%, once 50% of the project is completed. We will provide the deadlines before the start of the project. It usually takes 10-15 days to complete the project.

    Can you create a mix-themed office of both Vintage and Modern themes?

    Yes, Growup Spaces has the best professional interior designers who can tend to any client’s needs.

    How do I begin the process of designing my home office with you?

    You can contact us directly via email. Our interior designers will visit you and check the space out and offer the possibilities. Talk comfortably about your requirements and design ideas.

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