Assess the candidate’s public skills and culture fit.

Conventional methods of assessments like phone screening and in-person interviews may not get an insight into the candidate’s ability to solve problems and adapt to the company’s culture. It cannot figure out the ability to decipher issues that fit into the company’s culture. This may lead to the hiring of inappropriate candidates for the job, hence reducing the job success ratio.

Behavioural Assessments assist the organizations to better evaluate the public skills, behaviour, and productivity of the applicant. Our psychometric tests assess the candidate based on their workplace thought process, willingness to learn, leadership capabilities, productivity, and the psychological nature of the individual. Our set of personality and behavioural tests provides solutions to analyze a candidate’s generic personality and emotional intelligence to measure their compatibility for specific industries and roles.

Growup relies on widely accepted psychological tests for their assessments as mentioned below:
  • Big Five Personality test: The big five personality test is among the most validated and reliable psychological models to test personality and forms the backbone of modern personality research. This test is based on five underlying traits that make up an individual’s personality - Openness, Conscientiousness, Extraversion, Agreeableness, and Neuroticism. This test indicates the open-mindedness, self-discipline, emotional balance, and mental stability of an individual.
  • Cattell’s 16 Personality Test: Cattell’s personality test is an assessment tool that assists in the establishment of an individual’s personality. The dominant personality traits are identified through a set of Questionnaires and hence, the overall behaviour and characteristics are identified. The major personality traits that are analyzed include sensitivity, dominance, tension, abstractness, and uncertainty.
  • Higher work efficiency
  • Enables sequel planning
  • Yields inputs on the candidate’s personality, values, and ethics.
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