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Growup Assessments

Growup Assessment is your one-stop destination for all your hiring needs. Growup Assessments are specifically designed to assist you in handpicking the perfect workforce for your company, based on an array of assessments, which includes analyzing the psychological, linguistic, communicative, logical and quantitative skills and abilities of the candidate, thereby saving your precious time and efforts.

Measure your candidate’s ability with the five major wings of Growup Assessments:

Behavioral Assessment

Psychometric tests to gain an insight into the behavioral aspects of the candidate and analyze its compatibility with the company’s vision and beliefs

Communication Assessment

Assessing the candidate on the parameters of verbal and non-verbal communicative skills to ensure better communication in the business setting

Cognitive Assessment

This assessment measures the candidates’ proficiency to learn new concepts through his analytical, quantitative, and logical abilities

Domain Assessment

Domain Assessments help organizations measure the right skills for the right job to hire candidates for specific job roles

GAT Employability Test

A strategic blend of language, aptitude, and reasoning tests that come as the perfect solution for the campus hiring process

Why Trust Growup Assessments?

Growup Assessments has offered its services to several educational institutions and corporate entities to assess the vast talent pool that accords with the organization’s policies, culture, and goals. We offer highly customized platforms for business and enterprise training tests, pre-employment, and post-training assessments. With the help of our highly secured and certified tests and interactive assessments, we drive organizations towards a competent workforce.

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Growup Security

At Growup, we take up security as our primary goal so as to provide its user with a hassle-free experience. Growup assessments come with its own measures to make sure the assessments are convenient, secure, and reliable for its users.

Don’t worry. Your data is safe with us.

  • We strictly adhere to the protocols of the General Data Protection Regulation(GDPR).

  • The data is kept private and only accessible to the user.

  • We store passwords in encrypted form only.

  • The user can limit access to a single IP address.

  • We ensure that the data is backed up regularly, keeping in mind the safety of the data.

Growup Assessment Features

We understand the needs of our clients and are continuously working to provide customized hiring solutions. Either pick one from our specifically curated assessments or add tests according to the job’s framework.
All our tests adhere to global standards of reliability, so you get nothing but the best of brains for your company. We make sure that all the questions are evaluated based on strict and valid standards of generic employability skills.
AI-Driven Assessments
Harnessing the wonders of machine learning and data analysis to provide world-class assessment services to our customers. Our tests make use of Item Response Theory to improve the accuracy of our assessments to measure the candidate’s competence.
Growup Assessment solutions deliver multiple benefits to its clients that make talent-hiring easier and convenient:
Determines the candidate’s compatibility for the role
The enhanced job success ratio
Empowerment of Workforce
Established in India in 2019, Growup Group has grown to become one of India's fastest-growing and the most vouched for (WAAS) Workforce as a Service Company.
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