Why Should you hire a

Human Resource
Virtual Assistant?

Hiring a virtual recruiter, however, ensures that the cost has been reduced, whilst managing several issues that come with the same.

We understand that you have a busy day which is why setting up interviews might take precious time off your day. We can set a time that suits you and the applicant. Send you constant reminders and helpful interview questions about the applicant. Most applicants come prepared with answers to common interview questions. However, we can help create new and original questions.

The Human Resources department is still a growing sector. Having to fully invest in that sector can be difficult, especially for a start-up, hence we are availed for any assistance till then. Assistants that can help you hire trustworthy employees and make you stand out in the job market. We know that the best kind of applicant doesn’t apply for all hiring positions, they are as selective as the Business itself, so we understand the need for a good presentation, and we come prepared with one!


    Integrate management, process, and change technologies!

    Human Resource essentially operates the staff in your organization. They cover issues such as hiring new employees, recording performance and trying to improve staff morale. This becomes a very important part of your business because they essentially keep everyone in check.
    Create Job Descriptions
    The job description needs to be very specific; it covers a lot of significant details like expectations from the specific position, Salary, other benefits, education requirements, work experience and any demographic. We will create specific job descriptions so that you can applicants that go beyond the minimum requirements.
    Post and Filter Jobs
    The job market is very competitive for the employer and the employee. With the upcoming online job websites, the traditional methods are no longer enough. We can post about the job opening on every relevant website.
    Reply to Company Reviews Online
    Company reviews can lead to hesitation from new applicants and clients. We can reply to reviews in a kind and satisfactory way so that your company can hold to your good reputation. Our Human Resource Virtual Assistants are trained in professional and clear communication.
    Follow Up with interviewees
    Following up can either be a joyous occasion or a sad one and we prepared for both. We can create welcome letters for you that mention every specific detail and also me your new employee feel welcome. But in an unfortunate case of rejection, we promise to deliver the news professionally.
    Screen Applications
    Too many Applications can create quite a mess for you. We can help you screen applications at not only the primary level but also a secondary level. A primary level screening just covers if the applicant fills the minimum requirement of education and work experience. A secondary level screening would require us to judge the applicant on other criteria such as presentation skills, writing skills, affiliations with known companies and other required criteria that your company might have.
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