Why should you hire a Growup

Invoicing & Payments
Virtual Assistant?

Working as a team is better than doing it alone. We can help you take care of your short-term tasks in the long run!

We know how hard you work to make your business boom. You must get paid for it, and the stress of getting paid on time is high we are here to help you get rid of stress.

It’s our job is to make your job easier and help you focus on the future of your business, so let us help you with the administrative tasks. Our Virtual Assistants can assist you with every small task revolving around your payments whether it is processing your payments or reminding your clients. They are skilled in keeping records and scanning through the paperwork. We also don’t mind going through the embarrassment of asking your clients to pay.


    Let Our VA's Win Your Number Game

    Invoicing and payments might seem minuscule and easy but becomes difficult as your business grows and spreads. So, while your business spreads all around the world, we can make sure it gets the financial backing at every given moment.
    Collect Missing Revenues
    There might be some revenue missing due to some missing payments. Those revenues can be very old or new. You need those revenues to invest in your future business ventures. You might or might not be aware of that revenue, regardless we can collect the list of missing revenues and start the process of revenue collection.
    Manage Invoices and Estimates
    The invoice states your sales transaction and they are extremely important to track payments and expenditures. But due to the daily business transaction, can task can take up hours. Not only can we manage your already existing invoices we will make sure you have invoices for every small or big transaction.
    Create Proper Vetted Invoices
    Invoice creation requires extreme precisions, you want to make sure you have all the elements to not have future confusion. Our VA's are experts that promise to make no mistakes or errors so that you get paid rightly for your Job. Not only that, but we also understand that every business has its trademark, and we respect and work by it.
    Follow up on Pending Payments
    We can help you create a system that helps you organise your payments in the future and integrate the past ones. A system that helps keep track of every payment. Grow up VA's believe in complete openness with our clients, so this system will also help you track our performance (spoiler alert: we always do our best).
    Estimate Taxes/Overdue
    Getting your taxes done is a complicated process. Especially, as a business, you have a million taxes to deal with. These taxes can hinder your payments and invoices. But with our help, you can stay at the top of all your taxes. We can file your taxes, manage your tax accounts and prep for the future. Our VA's can also help clear any confusion you might have.
    Give Financial Advice
    We believe that hard work should get paid for. Not only can we deal with administrative tasks but also advisors. You put your talent and patience into your business and that should be appreciated. Appreciation has many forms but one of the most important ones is monetary. So if you find yourself questioning if you get paid enough by your clients? We can answer that.
    Established in India in 2019, Growup Group has grown to become one of India's fastest-growing and the most vouched for (WAAS) Workforce as a Service Company.
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