A baseline cognitive assessment provides a reference point to measure against in the case of problems or concerns (including major illness or brain injury).

The cognitive assessment examines the mathematical confidence of an individual. It helps the organization to evaluate the candidate’s ability to learn, solve problems and formulate new equations and ideas to achieve the aspired target and goals. Widely used in both academic and business life, it measures student’s and applicant’s logical, quantitative and analytical abilities. 

Cognitive assessments provide deep insight into students’ s/candidate’s capacity to adapt to changing situations and participate proactively.

  • Improves job success ratio
  • Measures candidate's ability to interpret data, facts, figures, numbers.
  • Determines candidates pattern solving skills.
Cognitive Assessments Components:
  • Quantitative Aptitude- Evaluate the ability to use and work with numbers efficiently.
  • Logical Ability- Evaluate the ability to reason with numbers or mathematical concepts.
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