Figure out the candidate’s job performance before you hire them. It’s time you find the right cognitive skills for your brand.

The Cognitive Assessments examine the mathematical confidence of an individual and analyze the candidate’s potential to learn and solve problems, to perceive fresh ideas, and achieve their targets. Cognitive tests have proven to be more reliable than face-to-face interviews to know about the capabilities of the candidate.

Widely used in both educational and business environments, these tests measure a student’s or applicant’s logical and quantitative abilities. We tailor them to measure an applicant’s proficiency to use their mental process to solve work-related problems and adapt to their job roles. Cognitive tests are specific to job roles and different levels of assessments are designed with varying levels of difficulty.

  • Logical Abilities: These tests assess the deductive and inductive reasoning skills of the candidate. It measures the candidate’s capacity to analyze a particular situation and come up with a logical solution by making use of data and facts. It studies the applicant’s efficiency in making important decisions, generating creative ideas, and coping with the challenges of the job.
  • Quantitative Aptitude: Evaluates the candidate’s effectiveness in solving real-life problems by making use of his mathematical skills. It checks the candidate’s understanding of basic mathematical concepts like ratios, proportions, simple interest and discounts, and complex concepts like probability, permutation and combination, and logarithms relevant to specific technical job requirements.
  • A parameter to analyze a candidate’s ability to interpret data, information, facts, and figures
  • A measure of the problem-solving patterns of the candidate.
  • Improved job performances.
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