Candidates can be tested on their pronunciation, vocabulary, grammar and fluency using a performance assessment that gives employers a clear understanding with regards to the candidate’s abilities.

Communication skills are valued among the ‘top four’ business skills that foresee a foundation’s success. Sharp English speaking and writing skills are non-negligible for job prosperity. In order to assess an individual’s such specific skills, Communication assessment becomes the prior option. 

Communication assessments gauge the English language proficiency using grammar, vocabulary, and comprehension as parameters of nonnative speakers of English.

  • Observes candidates for precise roles, functions, and responsibilities.
  • Identifies communication-related gaps and formulate targeted exercise for the future workforce.
  • Suitable for mass hiring.
Communication Assessment Components (Verbal/Non-Verbal):
  • English Test- Evaluates grammar, content, punctuation by essay/article writing, vocabulary test.
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