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Being rated among the top four job skills that assist organizations in cross-team collaboration, excellent communication skills are a crucial asset to achieving higher standards of productivity and maintaining workplace relationships at all levels. As the most widely spoken language globally, proficiency in English is a non-negotiable tool for favorable job results.

Growup’s AI-powered communication assessments provide an accurate evaluation of the candidate’s language comprehension, listening, writing, and verbal skills. Communication Assessments play a crucial role in finding suitable applications for jobs in fields such as sales, marketing, customer relations, and content writing where proficiency in English is of utmost importance and cannot be compromised. These tests can be customized according to skill requirements for jobs. Our Communication assessments determine the candidate’s efficiency in grammar, vocabulary, sentence completion, meaning, and clarity to fill up the communication gaps in the organization.

Components (Verbal and Non-verbal Communication Assessments):
  • English Test: Tests grammar, content, punctuation, and language comprehension by essay/article writing and vocabulary test to analyze a candidate’s ability to use the right word to communicate with peers, superiors, and subordinates. Vocabulary tests also evaluate the use of accurate words to solve problems and resolve conflicts.
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