The domain assessment helps to measure a wide diversity of business skills. The domain assessment is more industry-specific as it helps to recruit personnel specializing in selective work culture.

It’s always been a tedious task for an individual to select between two preferred industries. Also, from the core point of the company, it becomes difficult to assign the right candidate for the right industry. Domain assessment trains the individual for a specific sphere for which he is best suited.

  • Create a specialized skill channel internally
  • Speeds up the hiring process
Domain Assessment Components:
  • Commerce/Law: Assess knowledge about auditing, business, law, corporate law.
  • Engineering: Measures competitors fundamentals across various straps like computer science, electronics, mechanical, IT
  • Management: Evaluates on the basis of sales, marketing, financial management skills
  • Software & Technology: Examines the knowledge pertaining to the data structure & algorithm, C++
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