Choose the right personnel for the right domain.

While the job roles in the modern business environment are becoming highly specialized and technical, Growup’s domain assessments get candidates with just the right industry skills for the job. It ensures that a candidate is selected for a particular role as per his skills and knowledge of that domain. Therefore, you always get the best candidate for a specific position.

The domain assessment is more specific to the industries as it assists industries to handpick and recruit personnel specializing in a particular work culture. It also trains individuals for a job that he/she is best suited for, which can sometimes be a tedious task to decide between two industries.

  • Commerce/Law: Assesses the candidate’s fundamental concepts relating to auditing, basics of auditing, business, and corporate laws, and banking.
  • Engineering: Analyzes candidate’s knowledge in the various streams of engineering including computer science, mechanical, and information technology (IT).
  • Management: Evaluates candidate’s potential in the fields of sales, marketing, finance, human resource management, and supply chain management.
  • Software and Technology: Measures candidate’s abilities in RDMS, computer networking, data structures, C++, and other software technologies.
  • Speeds up hiring.
  • Creation of an internal specialized skill channel.
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