Employability Test

If your firm wants to go for campus placement, then grab this test as your ultimate solution.

GAT Employability Test comes as an exact package for both the university as well as the corporate vertical. This two hours interval test performs as the best solution for the campus hiring technique. The GAT Employability Test is a wise combination of four types of tests which are English, Logical, Quantitative aptitude and the Big 5 personality test.

Each type of test present under this combo contributes a specific purpose to the hiring process. The English test assesses the candidate’s communication skills by measuring his reading and writing capabilities. The logical contributes by indicating the ability to learn and understand new concepts. Quantitative aptitude performs the task of assessing an individual’s ability to ideate and solve. Lastly, the big 5 personality measure the behavior traits and sector fitment of an individual.

The GAT Employability Test is accessible for educational institutes, corporate sector, education/ government board.

Any educational institutions that want to test their student’s skills before exposing them to the work culture can best use this test to assess the 360° round development pieces of training required for the personnel.

GAT Employability Test is a one-step solution to the entire phase of moving from uncertainty to being specific and complacent.

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