Employability Test

The all-in-one solution to evaluate the candidate’s employability.

With the increasing number of graduates, it is becoming more challenging to hire candidates with the required industry knowledge and skills. The GAT Employability test makes hiring the right candidate easier and much more comfortable.

The GAT Employability test comes as an accurate combination of tests for both the university and the corporate verticals. It includes a tailored set of assessments which include Quantitative, English, Logical, and the Big Five Personality Test. Growup’s Employability Test addresses the pain points of the campus recruitment process and helps educational institutions to prepare the students for the same. It bridges the gap between job-ready candidates and hiring organizations.

This two-hour test is the perfect solution for large-scale campus hiring processes. Each test in this package is designed, keeping in mind that it’s a contribution to the process. The English test analyzes the candidate’s proficiency in the subject through his/her reading and writing capabilities. The logical test assesses the applicant’s efficiency in solving problems and grasping recent concepts. The Quantitative test contributes by measuring the candidate’s ability to ideate and adapt. Last, but not least, the Big Five Personality Test is an indicator of the candidate’s public skills and adaptability.

The GAT Employability Test is accessible for corporate industries, government/educational boards, and educational institutions which are looking to test their student’s skills before exposing them to the professional work culture.


  • Faster process of short-listing the best candidates.
  • Reduced campus-hiring efforts
  • Increase in the talent pool and reach
  • Raised organizational productivity
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