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We understand that your home office does not necessarily have to be a reflection of yourself but it needs to have a connection to your spirit and productivity. We focus on each of our clients and understand what they need from their workspace. Keeping productivity as the supreme goal, we design a home office that is aesthetic and personalized.

Starting with a 3D design of your workspace, we create a space that complements your personality, and interests, and feeds your efficiency.

To ensure that we create the workspace that you deserve, we offer four categories for you to choose from:
Do not hold back the traditional and elegant aspects of your life because a vintage-style home office will bring out the sophisticated aura of your personality. With period-style furnishings and rustic wood fittings, your workspace will radiate classy energy. We shall install traditional leather chairs and wooden desks with accents like a vintage wooden box made up of fresh pine. The flooring will complement the ambience of the room, with either wooden or marble fittings. The traditional rugs will enhance the vintage style of the office.
It is time to embrace the core aesthetics. With this theme in your workplace, you will finally have the excitement of visual artworks and the comfort of customized desks and chairs. We bring recreational lounging into the efficiency of the workplace. Installed with skylights that would provide sufficient natural lighting, your home office would reflect the warmth of a serene and productive space. With custom-built shelves and visual inspiration to stimulate creativity, this style would bring out your inner artist and turn you into a workaholic.
Let the wings of modernity envelope you as you own the chic and modern home office. Installed with smart lighting panels and dimmers, your workspace would become the envy of many. With a black and white color theme and geometrical rugs on the designed floor, your smart office would emit a sense of clarity and superiority. The lacquer desk and the bold accents will be complemented by the sleek lighting of the room. Furnished with abstract art and fitted with acoustic ceilings, this workspace fits the bill for many who wish to not just be successful but project their success on their belongings.

Carefully curating a design that sits right with your expectations yet exceeds them at the same time, is the Growup Spaces vision.

Our expertise lies in creating the workspace that reflects you. To do that, we provide the service of constructing fully customized home office spaces.

  • Theme: Choose from a wide range of themes or come up with your own, special theme. Our team will do thorough research and create an authentic experience for you. With custom-built furniture and texture balance colors, we will ensure that you receive a wholesome experience in your home office.

  • Character: Many people desire to build their home office centralized to a character. Our expertise allows us to recreate an entire experience for you, with tailor-made furniture and specially designed accents and decorations. We can build your Batcave or the Stark Industries head office in a jiffy.

  • Personality: Our experts have a thorough understanding of color energies and their connection with people. After understanding the core of your personality, we will design an office that not only has a bond to your psyche but a room that complements your character. A home office whose focus is to enhance your productivity, we create not just a workplace but a reflection of your personality.

  • Profession: We understand that each profession requires a different environment to work. If your career revolves around a creative pursuit, dull colors won’t do. However, if crunching numbers is what you do, tacky walls won’t do. The wall art and accents also need to correspond to what your profession asks for.

Established in India in 2019, Growup Group has grown to become one of India's fastest-growing and the most vouched for (WAAS) Workforce as a Service Company.
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