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December 2, 20190

Why is a Virtual Assistant Cost-Effective to any Startup?

Have a business idea that requires a lot of investments and hands on the deck! It’s a brave step that can cost you a lot of your life savings. The truth is often cost-effective and good quality do not go hand in hand. It is hard to find services and products that give you your money’s worth, but there might a ray of light at the end of this dark tunnel. Virtual Assistants are people you hire through online services to complete tasks that would normally take up hours of your day.

Gartner, Inc predicted that about 25 percent of digital workers will hire VA’s by the year 2021. Virtual Assistants are increasingly becoming popular in the business world, from start-ups to worldwide businesses are investing Virtual Assistants. But why? To put it simply, VA’s are reliable and cheap resources that come with experience from around the world. The phrase the world is growing smaller connotes to the idea that technological advancement has brought people closer. So, there is no doubt that there are tasks that someone sitting in a different country can finish for you. 

A Virtual Assistant doesn’t take up any infrastructural space, they do not require a desk, laptop or even a chair. Even when companies hire a freelancer, they often have to provide some level space for them. A Virtual Assistant works from the comfort of their home and hence do not require any kind of physical space. Hence saving your money, space and time. But it does not mean that they do not work just as hard as any of your regular employees if anything they spend more time on work. They do not spend time on transport or any other sort of daily employee expenditure. 

Because a Virtual Assistant is unlike your daily employee, they aren’t part of your payroll. They take money for only the tasks that they do for your business. You can hire them again and again, and every hour spent is spent on making your business grow and prosper. Every employee requires some level of training, whether it is just a basic use of excel or learning to use any company-specific tool. Growup Virtual Assistants come with years of global training and experience. The time and money spent on training can be used for other business tools. 

Not only do employees require infrastructure and training they also require a certain notice period payment. But Virtual Assistants just require payments for the tasks that they completed after that there is no need for any severance pay. We make sure to finish tasks in the given period and do not make you more than you need to.

Not to forget there are other employee benefits such as medical insurance, paid leaves, employee discounts and paid travels that also further add to your payroll, but with a Virtual Assistant, you cut all those costs down to zero.  

Currently, Growup Virtual Assistants are skilled with over 150+ skills. 150+skills are a lot of skills that come with a price you for Virtual Assistant. These skills lie in wait to be used for the simple purpose of business growth with no additional cost and hassle. Employees come with one specialized skill, while a VA can help you with administrative tasks and graphic designing

Not only are Growup VA’s exceptionally skilled with business skills, but they are also equipped handling tasks that might be unrelated to your business, such as booking appointments, planning parties, creating invitations, setting reminders and managing your finances.

One of the fear comes with having a workforce is employees leaving and then having to replace the employees and going through the process all over again. But Growup Virtual Assistant has a rare chance of leaving tasks in between not only that, they can be instantly replaced with another equally reliable and effective Virtual Assistant. On a regular business day, you have over 100+ tasks to accomplish, and most of them are tasks that take hours and would still feel incomplete. A Virtual Assistant can not only accomplish those tasks but also make sure that you get the time to do work on things that matter. Virtual Assistants work according to your time, For example, if you are a real estate agent, the job requires you to be active beyond the normal working hours of 9-5, while you are away spending some personal time, we can be active and reply to your customers. 

At Growup, there is also an understanding that not every business requires VA’s specialized tasks.  A small business owner might not need a VA that specialized in just one task, but instead, they might need one that can help with multiple tasks, which is also something a VA can provide.  

You might want to travel but do not have the time to make an itinerary, with the level best understanding of your interests a Travel VA can create an itinerary and get you the best deals. Most companies are hiring Virtual Assistants because to simply put it, they easy to manage. They have a fixed rate which is very economically cheap and they do not require any extra attention of any sort. 

As we grow towards a more technologically advanced world, Virtual Assistants are the bright future that will help you get the push your start-up needs or give your old established business new ideas. Virtual Assistants are not just a faraway thought, they are available and just a click away. There is no doubt that every business is hiring Virtual Assistants, the labor is cost-effective, precise and talented. Virtual Assistants are not only a good option for all businesses but also people looking for jobs in this economy. Companies like Growup provide a platform for experienced people to connect with businesses around the world. And with the constant and quick growth of  Virtual Assistants all around the world, it happens to be a brilliant career option for young adults, single parents, and everyone.  




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