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December 4, 20190


As companies open their minds to virtual staffing, the constantly changing relationships between clients and customers have made digital work a true career option. A study conducted by Deloitte proved that financial performance is not as important to Millenials as other workplace factors such as the comfort of working from your own home. Such hardworking Millenials that value their work more, is where Growup came from.

Crowdsourcing was just another way that companies got their ideas from internet users but now it is becoming a truly paid job. Growup understands that today’s millennials aren’t just workers but also students who want to make a true impact on this world, through work outside the corporate shackles. While it might sound like an unfortunate situation to the older generation, it truly is the best way to have a good work-life balance and at the same time continue to learn and grow.


  • Remote-Based Job Salaries Are Growing


Even if money mattered to a certain section of Millenials, they also see the salary of their job growth, and the opportunity to open themselves up to new entrepreneurial paths. Starting up a new business was a process back in the day, but now with social media, other online services like Growup, the startup isn’t just a dream anymore. So it is likely that a person who is called lazy just because they work from home is earning more and is also taking care of their mental and physical health.



  • Receive Convenience


At Growup the only VA’s we outsource are the ones that are professional and trained. We want to keep our clients happy and do not believe that just because we do not have a real “office” that our employees will slack. If anything we believe that these employees will work harder because they would not spend time on travel and other everyday hassles. 

It opens the door for so many professionals that are excluded from normative workplaces such as single parents, People with disabilities and students. These people who can dedicate continuous hours in one infrastructural space are considered “worthless” but with Growup, they are given the opportunity to work the job that they love.



  • Enjoy Flexibility


Time and place are to factors that play a huge role at any regular job, however with us, those two factors are not barriers but newer ways to connect. You could be sitting in China and could hire an Indian web developer, not only do we give our best but also connect through our cultural differences. Working Worldwide gives virtual employees the kind of experience that couldn’t have at a 9-5 job


  • Witness Control


While working with a virtual employee you can stop worrying about anything other than your goals and ambitions. It’s the job of the virtual employee to serve according to what you dream is and the worry of managing accounts, or hiring new staff or renting out an office goes right out of the window. You are focused on what you want to do and that is what matters.

To sum it up, the reason so many millennials are going towards virtual employment is that it’s comfortable, flexible and they basically have to do what they love. It is good for the employer who gets quick results without any extra hassles. Virtual Staffing is the solution that isn’t just for millennials it’s an inclusive solution, whether you are an entrepreneur, mother, student, retired person or an established business. It deserves more light because as the economy is slowing down, the millennials need answers that virtual staffing can offer. 


About Growup Group

Growup Group is an innovative New-Delhi based Remote Employee/Freelance Services Company. Growup’s main focus is to outsource talented and efficient virtual employees to clients all around the world. Growup was founded by Individuals who believed in a more cost-effective, affordable structure that promoted work for all regardless of their demographic. Growup believes that the true capacity of any individual lies beyond a 9-5 desk job. Whether a student right out of college or a working mom, you have an opportunity to showcase your skills but in the comfort of your own space. More companies including startups and established businesses are hiring Virtual Assistants because not only are they experts at what they do but also do not require any sort of employee benefits such as infrastructural space, medical insurance or paid leaves.


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