Virtual AssistantsHow to become a Virtual Assistant?

December 5, 20190

Ever thought about how to avoid traveling to go to your workplace?

Ever wondered how to boost your income without stepping out of your house?

Well, this is what a virtual assistant will not think about. A virtual assistant basically is an independent person who provides her/his specialized and professional services to clients without entering clients’ offices.

One of the best things about this role is that it’s incredibly diverse. Depending on who you work for, one day, you may be writing a newsletter and scheduling Facebook posts, the next day, you could be organizing a start-up’s conference in the Bahamas. Yes, really!

And – because it’s virtual – you can be anywhere in the world while helping someone keep their business on track. Isn’t this seem interesting?



Why Should You Become a Virtual Assistant?

  • Work Remotely – A Cafe, Coworking Space, A Beach or your humble abode!
  • Be a Solopreneur aka Earn while you Learn!
  • Sabbatical, Maternity Break, Personal Commitments < Take Things in your Stride!
  • Help the Environment – 3 Second Commute from Bed to Laptop
  • Earn 15 Certifications from global universities free of charge! 


As a virtual assistant, you’re likely to be interacting with different people online, so being able to find the right approach with each person according to their interests is pretty important. Trying to adopt certain very specialized skills in yourself which other people might not possess could create a niche for you in the virtual assistants’ industry. 


What are we looking for?

  • Written and spoken fluency in English.
  • The ability to perform varied tasks 
  • Resilient, Thick-Skinned Team Players!
  • Multilingual-English, French, and Hindi
  • Proficiency in cloud-based platforms such as Salesforce, Zoom, Slack, Work chat.


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