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  “Google Directors were instructed to freeze hiring for full-time and contract workers”  The stats show that hiring in the Hospitality, Childcare, Banking and Finance, and Software Development industries have gone down by 60%, 40%, 35%, and 18% respectively in March 2020 as compared to March 2019. Where every other organization was looking forward to...

  One thing that quarantine has taught us is that one doesn’t have to stop their operations because of the pandemic. Work from home is the routine of every organization and commute has been eliminated completely. This is the perfect time to understand that when an employee says that they will work from home, the...

How to become a Virtual Assistant?

Ever thought about how to avoid traveling to go to your workplace? Ever wondered how to boost your income without stepping out of your house? Well, this is what a virtual assistant will not think about. A virtual assistant basically is an independent person who provides her/his specialized and professional services to clients without entering...

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