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March 19, 20200


If you are still consulting Alexa for your business and want to know how to find a virtual assistant? Then welcome to 2020 my friend where this hectic task is delegated to a virtual assistant. Hiring a virtual assistant seems very unprofessional and perilous because you are planning to share your load with someone who is not physically present. But that doesn’t mean they are mentally absent.

In fact, they are highly trained professionals who have extensive knowledge about their respective fields so you don’t have to worry about juggling multiple tasks at once. Imagine having employees that you don’t have to accommodate in the office and are hired for a specific project or a duration of time, sounds relaxing, right? Well, that is a virtual assistant.

A virtual assistant is just a generic term that consists of various types of virtual assistants varying from a social media VR to a public relations VR. It is not mandatory to hire them from a big organization, you can also hire a freelance virtual assistant whose work is remarkable but it is advisable to peruse their work and work history.

Now, the dilemma that one faces is that how would you find a virtual assistant. So here we are
and don’t worry we won’t make you leave your house for that ( #quarantine )

Aspects To Look After When Hiring A Virtual Assistant.


1. Assort, not sort your work

The first thing to do before you start looking for a virtual assistant is to assort your work so that things get into perspective and you are able to find out the motive or the task you need a VA for. This should be carried out beforehand so that the goals and objectives are well defined. This also takes off the extra burden from the employees and they become more productive.

If you are hiring a Specialized VA, define the results you want them to accomplish rather than defining the objectives.

2. Inviting and Interviewing

Once you have identified your needs publish the vacancies online or at a portal where the virtual assistants and their agencies can learn about the vacancies and apply for the post. As soon as they start applying, review the applications and move on to the next step which is interviewing the prospective virtual assistants and agencies.

While interviewing them, make sure that you make your goals very clear to them and listen to all their demands beforehand so that there is no dispute in the future. Try to find out their hobbies and routine, as they will be working from home, this will inform you how productive their day looks like. You can also ask them to give a free personality test that will give you an understanding of their personality.

3. Match the skills

After the interviews are done, make sure that you hire someone whose skills match the requirements of the job and their goals are similar to yours to avoid a clash of ideologies. Don’t forget to give them a trial period when they start working with your organization because it is hard to adjust to a new environment. We know that they are working from their homes but understanding the operations of an organization can be hard.

This tedious task can be avoided if you hire a VA from an accomplished virtual assistant agency because agencies already have a policy of teaching them the basics and giving them a trial period to learn and understand the environment.

Where To Get Your VA From?


Since we have discussed how to get your VA, let us move on to where to get your virtual
assistant from.

There are two ways to get your VA

1. Freelance Virtual Assistant-

These are generally single entities who work alone and work for one person at a time so that the client gets the best and they deliver the best as well. Hiring a freelance adds to the advantage because they don’t divide their attention. The disadvantage of hiring a freelance virtual assistant is that, since they are an independent body you have to provide a trial period so that they can learn the operations of the organization.
Also, since they work alone, there is no one to replace them when they take a day off. This delays the target that has to be achieved and other operations are affected as well. There are few websites that deliver the best freelance virtual assistants-

2. Virtual Assistant Agencies-

These are organizations that hire VAs and provide them to the clients according to their needs. They work in a very professional environment and always have an alternative for you if their present VA takes a leave. These virtual assistants don’t have to be kept under a trial period because they have already been screened through this procedure. The disadvantage here is that these agencies could have rigid rules and regulations which could lead to a dispute between the two organizations.
Agencies are safer than freelancers because they keep your data safe and also provide free consulting services to their clients so that they get the best. We have spelled out all the alphabets of hiring a virtual assistant, now it is your turn to create the words out of them. If you are ever confused about which agency to choose, Growup Group is always there to deliver the best to you, so that your operations don’t stop.

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