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April 3, 20200

The coronavirus lockdown has everyone confined within the four walls of their homes. While many see this as a rejuvenating opportunity and a break from the hassle of life, there are people out there getting bored out of their minds. For the latter, we have combined a list of books that you can read to pass these trying times. Stay inside and learn a thing or two from these great authors and their great works. Dive into new worlds and find the reader within you. The lockdown has given you the time to finish you To B Read list but if you are looking for some new ideas, this article is for you!


The Alchemist by Paolo Coelho




This book has often been described as life-changing. It truly touches upon your soul and makes you wonder about the quest of life. The story follows around a boy, a solo traveler, and his adventurous journey. What he seeks is a treasure among the Egyptian Pyramids. During his journey, he faces many hardships and in the end, learns to overcome his fear. The story persuades the reader to follow their dream and their heart. The language of the book has fluidity and is easy to follow.


The Book Thief by Markus Zusak



One of the bestsellers of Zusak, this book takes the reader to the times of World War 2. It narrates the story of a young girl in Nazi Germany. What gives the story impact is that the narrator is Death. The issue of persecution of Jews and Communists at that time, as well as the question of humanity, is raised. The book leaves you tearful and provides a cathartic experience to the reader. The writing is beautiful and filled with important life lessons.

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo by Stieg Larsson



A fantastic novel that touches upon issues of feminism, rap, sexual harassment, and crimes against women, Larsson crafted the plot of this book in a very daring manner. It is not just a mystery thriller but highlights deeper issues like violence against women. Based in Sweden, the corruption of the system as well as in other sectors of the society is also focused upon by the writer. The courage of a fearless girl, Lisbeth Salander, is what wins the book and the hearts of many readers. She is the girl who has tattoos and piercings and is often misjudged by others. Her character is inspiring and so is this book.

The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini





A book revolving many issues, The Kite Runner revolves around the war times in Afghanistan. Its central focus is on the life of a man who is deeply affected by the war and how his life is altered during and because of the tough times. It is a perfect compilation of life and its musings, love, and compassion. A must-read for everyone, this book transcends simpler meaning and takes the reader on to a beautiful journey.


Raseedi Ticket by Amrita Preetam



This book is the autobiography of the famous poetess, Amrita Preetam. For all budding poets who seek inspiration from her or those who enjoy learning from the lives of great people, this book is a must-read. Here, Pritam has written about her life and how it revolves around love and revolution. It is very interesting to read the extremeness of love as this book beautifully narrates. The book advocates the power of love and its victory over hate. Famous for writing Partition Literature, Pritam’s this book is a witness to the traumatizing effect Partition had over her.


The Secret by Rhonda Byrne



This is for all those readers who are a fan of self-help books. The main concept of this book is very empowering. The law of attraction is what is focused on in this book. You attract whatever you focus your energy on: be it good or bad. It works wonders for your fortune, your health, your relationships, your goals and basically, everything you are rooted to. This book encourages the reader to be optimistic, have conviction and clear positivity. It is a great read for those people struggling with hardships during the lockdown and wants to pour themselves over into this book.


Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert



A story of a woman’s journey through life, this book narrates the life of a woman in her middle age who goes through a divorce, breakup, and battles with depression. She decides to go on a year-long trip to 3 different countries: Italy, India, and Indonesia. She learns to indulge herself in Italy, to meditate and restrain herself in India, and to balance between the two in Indonesia. This book takes the reader along to the beautiful places of the three countries and the reader gets to taste the different cuisines and stand in the different types of breeze.




So there you go! Enjoy these reads in your self-isolation and travel to various lands while sitting om your couch.

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