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How should I react? I never thought of a situation like this! No one was prepared for COVID-19. No one saw something so irreversible coming. But all of us are trying to deal with it. Just like this, there are so many times when we fall into an uncertain situation and lose our calm. In this rush of life, you cannot already know what and all future has for you.

We are certain that like the majority of the workforce, you would also have imagined that working from home is going to be your ‘happy time’. The comfort of your home, time flexibility, staying close to your loved ones, no daily commute, the benefits of working from home seem limitless on the surface. All these added advantages must lead to more satisfying work culture.

IT Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad and I&B Minister Prakash Javadekar released new social media rules and guidelines, namely the Information Technology (Intermediary Guidelines and Digital Media Ethics Code) Rules 2021. The Centre cited their reasons for these new, stricter laws as a step to curb the circulation of “unlawful” messages.

We are brought up in a society that is shaped by certain rules and well-drawn boundaries. These regulations are never abstract nor are they spontaneous. They are created by the confluence of nature, consensus, and what the majority perceives as common. In today’s era, people are trying their hardest to upturn the conventions set up by society.

Remote working and work from home are the new normal for everyone today. Going online created new opportunities for businesses and promoted the concept of a virtual assistant. A virtual assistant is an experienced professional imparting his or her administrative services virtually on a contract basis.

Work from home has become a new reality for the masses. While freelancers and remote workers are used to its different rhythms, most office workers are still struggling. According to surveys, workers feel isolated and unmotivated. With minimum to no physical interaction among colleagues, some of the workers feel listless. Also, the environment at home is very different from an office space. There are constant issues with communication, productivity, and alignment of goals.

If you are still consulting Alexa for your business, then welcome to 2020 my friend where this hectic task is delegated to a virtual assistant. Hiring a virtual assistant seems very unprofessional and perilous because you are planning to share your load with someone who is not physically present. But that doesn’t mean they are mentally absent.

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