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July 7, 20200

What is the main factor that encourages employees to work and associate with an organization for a long time?

We are certain that you must have wondered the same thing time and again while making policies for the human capital of your organization and ultimately would have reached to the conclusion of maintaining employee satisfaction every time.

Even though the answer seems quite simple, the path of reaching a situation of employee satisfaction in an organization is way more complicated.

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Humans in itself are a complicated being and so are their needs. Their needs have a wide range from monetary to psychological to social. Fulfilling all these needs might prove to be an exhausting and never-ending task in order to achieve employee satisfaction for the management.

But an inclusive practice of management has been developed over the decades by managers to promote employee satisfaction in order to increase employee productivity known as Esprit de corps.

Esprit de corps is a sense of unity, trust, and belonging to the organization among the employees. It is a practice of pulling each other together in order to achieve organizational goals. It is an art of making your employees believe that they are the organization. Esprit de corps believes in ‘we instead of ‘I’ in the organization.

The feeling of trust and belongingness among employees leads to loyalty towards the organization. It increases the willingness to work and ultimately results in increased productivity of the workforce. In the culture of esprit de corps, a leader must always work for increasing the morale of his team members.

Maintaining the culture of esprit de corps at the workplace becomes even more important when you are working remotely. How can you make your team feel trusted, encouraged, and motivated in order to make them feel loyal and content when you are never physically present. 

Establishing a culture of esprit de corps is not something that can be done overnight, it needs to be established over time. The process might be complicated while working remotely, but not unattainable.


  • Coordinate organizational goals

While framing the objectives of the organization, keep in mind that your employees are the ones who are going to work for achieving it. They will need the motivation to achieve these goals. Aligning the personal goals of the employees with organizational goals to achieve them is very necessary to make employees engaged in their work. Make them understand that achieving organizational goals is ultimately going to help them achieve their personal goals.


  • Practice what you preach

A good leader not only shows the way to his team but also walks the same path with them. Before giving them guidelines and rules, make sure you are following them. Lead by example. It will encourage them to follow your lead and fulfill your expectations. Let them see that you are with them.  


  • Give credit and appraisal for work

Appraising your team and giving them credit and recognition for their work is very important for motivating employees to work. Understand that they are human and have psychological needs. It is very important for creating an environment of trust among teams. It will also encourage them to work hard and take initiatives.


  • Communicate  

It is rightly said, communication is the key to trust. Communicating regularly with your team. Conduct video meetings, informal discussions, random calls, discussion panels, etc. Create a common chat platform for your whole team. Keep them updated. Ask them about the problems they are facing, their opinions and suggestions. Make them believe that they are not restricted by a vertical chain of communication.


  • Believe in your team

It is the most important component of esprit de corps. You can not keep an eye on your team all day long especially while working remotely. Trust that you know your team. Believe that they are competent and responsible. It will increase the morale and sense of responsibilities of your employees. 


Esprit de corps is no doubt an inclusive practice. All the employees must feel like a part of the ecosystem of the organization and have a sense of belongingness for this practice to be successful. They must feel encouraged and independent to present thoughts and opinions. Creativity and innovation can only survive in an environment of encouragement and motivation.

Humans may always have differences of opinions and conflicts in a workplace be it physical or virtual, but esprit de corps is the best way of ensuring that it does not turn toxic for the organizational environment. In the end, trust and harmony must always prevail because, in the long run, an organization having committed, loyal, and trustworthy workforce is bound to be successful.

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