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July 7, 20200
Are there any problems which you face while working virtually? 

There are no major problems faced by me in remote working. At the starting,I faced a few hurdles like managing household work and office work, but figured out and have set a routine for myself and my kid.

Would you prefer to work virtually in the long run than working in a traditional office? Why or why not? 

Yes. I prefer it on a longer run. Because, I save a lot of time commuting to the office and get to be around the kid for more time.

Do you think working virtually has affected your work productivity?

Working virtually has not affected my productivity in work. 


Virtual Assistant Job Helps Woman Balance Career, Family, and ...

Have working remotely affected your relationships with your family? 

Remote working has not affected my family environment and relationship. 


What made you decide that you want to work with Growup as a virtual assistant? 

I felt with Growup i would be able to develop my skills and work simultaneously. And working as VA i would learn and do multiple roles which i like. Hence decided to work as VA for Growup.


Working virtually would have certainly required some adjustments. What would you suggest to the people who just started or are planning to work remotely in the future?

The first and foremost thing that i would advise is to plan your day with spouse, kid and in-law to ensure the working hours are not affected. Set up a routine and a dedicated place for working. In the case of parents, it is an advantage if other family members can spend time and take care of the kid.

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