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July 22, 20200

Every organization has interpreted the importance of employee’s behaviour and their actions in setting the right organizational culture nowadays. Having an environment of satisfaction where employees are driven by motivation is desirable by every rational manager. Organizational Citizenship Behavior (OCB) is a postulation of human capital management that focuses on setting this kind of environment in the organization.

Organizational Citizenship Behavior is the voluntary, diacritic, and discretionary actions taken by employees on an individual level which lies outside the purview of their work obligations. These actions are not de rigueur by the workforce but they help the organization in achieving high morale and stimulating environment at the workplace. This behavior among employees is often derived from high work satisfaction.

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The preponderance of employees enacts their job in any organization because it is their paramount responsibility which has been aforementioned in their job descriptions. But there is a modicum of employees who go above and beyond their cardinal jobs and responsibilities. This fraction of the workforce is motivation driven and is always voracious to contribute to the success of the organization. Such a workforce is an added asset for the organization development.

The OCB becomes even more crucial in an organization when you and all your workforce are working remotely. Establishing high morale and satisfaction among the workforce to perpetuate productivity levels can be a complicated endeavor when you are never physically accessible with your team. 

Considering the crucial role played by OCB in organizational success, Growup Group focuses on establishing the environment of high work satisfaction, motivation, and belongingness by espousing the Organizational Citizenship Behavior while working remotely. The managers work for encouraging the OCB at Growup through multifarious social techniques. Here’s how


  1. Setting Examples

OCB is not a one-time task, it is a culture. Culture takes time and constant efforts to establish itself. Examples are set by managers at Growup providing the workforce with a model behavior that should be followed. They take part in activities outside work, conduct social drives, help subordinates and trainees with their work, and make frequent checks on their team. Workers follow their leaders and eventually the culture establishes.


  1. Aligning Organizational and Individual Goals 

When individual goals are aligned with the organizational objectives, it is in employees’ interest to achieve them. They might go that extra mile to achieve these goals for the organization. This helps in motivating the workforce to work and gives them the incentive to take initiatives. They might even start helping their colleagues with their work for the achievement of organizational goals. 


  1. Encouraging Teamwork and Establishing Trust

A strong sense of teamwork and trust among workers and organization is probably the most important point of concern for an organization for encouraging OCB, which is only possible through constant and effective communication. The constant video meetings, calls, online organizational platforms at Growup helps in remaining in constant touch even while working virtually. This encourages teamwork and trust in the workforce.


  1. Sense of Control and Independence

Independent consultants and trainees at Growup are given the flexibility of work and scope to apply creativity and innovation in their work. Workforces feel independent with this kind of work authorization. It is a common known fact that excessive control only leads to dull and negative employee behavior. Giving your workforce desired and ideal control in their field of work makes them feel independent which often leads to voluntary help to others and overtime. 


It must not be forgotten by the organization that OBC actions are not a part of the job of an employee. They are individual voluntary actions that can not be imposed by the organization. The prime purpose of Organizational Citizenship Behavior is to escalate the productivity of the workforce without making them feel trammeled or excessively responsible. They must be recognized for their efforts and commitments. This environment of Organizational Citizenship Behavior augmenting employee satisfaction and productivity is bound to move in the direction of mutual benefit for the organization as well as the workforce.

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