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July 14, 20200

The world of management and organizational structure have seen most vital changes in the last few decades. New techniques and strategies have been evolved and experimented within the process. The need of generating competitive advantage through the means of highly-skilled, agile, and adaptable human capital has led management philosophers in the direction of a competent workforce.

In Growup, our workforce is a group of non-traditional and global networks of the contingent workforce. It comprises freelancers, outsourced workforce, independent consultants and workers, strategic partners, and core area experts. It is an innovative way of maintaining an agile and competitive workforce according to business requirements. 

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This workforce can prove to be very critical for organizational success, but it must be hired and used strategically. It lies outside the organization’s formal employee base and frees the permanent workforce of the organization to focus on internal matters. An effective blend of an organization’s traditional and modern workforce plays a very critical role in achieving the objectives.

The concept of this workforce enables us to gather and use the skills of experts to create a competitive advantage. This fosters innovation as these individual specialists have varied and creative solutions for the critical problems which the organization is facing. It is a pool of on-demand workforce as they are hired for completion of particular tasks and organizations can use their skills for specific hours, weeks, or months according to their need. The workers may demand high pay for their expertise and skills, but the elimination of additional overhead costs of employees makes the organization as well as this workforce better off.

These features of the workforce promote the agility of the organization in today’s highly dynamic business environment. The added advantage of the flexibility that comes with this workforce helps the organization in adjusting the utilization of its resources according to business requirements. Outsourcing and freelancing are the most popular forms of our workforce used by organizations as well as favored by employees. It enables our organization to bring in the expertise and core competency into their human capital in a highly dynamic business environment.


Bringing Expertise 

There was a time when outsourcing and freelancing were limited to the contractual labor and workers to fulfill contingent tasks, but the concept of the workforce has changed considerably along with time. The structure of these contingent workforce has now shifted to the more technical and managerial tasks which require high analytical and logical abilities.The organizations prefer to hire outsourced workforce for accomplishing the tasks which do not come under their core area. They are highly expertise and specialists in their field. Technical experts, consultants, short term CEOs, and COOs, content developers are some of the most demanded outsourced workforces for their expertise.


Workforce and Remote Work

In today’s work environment when every business process is highly digitalized, remote working is quite normal. A majority of the workforce works virtually. Thanks to the highly digitalized platforms available today, organizations can keep track of the performance of the remote workers easily. Creating virtual office platforms and databases helps workers to feel connected and a part of the organization throughout the time they work with the organization. Remote working provides an organization with a global network of human resources. This style of workforce combined with remote working gives employees a high degree of work flexibility enhancing satisfaction and productivity. Organizations do not need to worry about their work engagement as they are specialists and are hired for the completion of specific tasks only. 


Future of Modern Workforce in the Era of Remote Work

Around 40% of the total workforce is already working remotely in the ongoing pandemic. This concept of the workforce only increases the scope of work flexibility and exploring various projects at the same time for the workforce. It is quite clear that working independently and engaging in critical projects is the priority of the new millennials which are going to constitute a majority workforce in the future. 


Adjusting according to these dynamic requirements and trends of the future workforce is the only way for organizations to remain in the competition. The organization’s agility and ability to respond to these coming changes is the key to maintain competitive advantages while utilizing a human resource most effectively and efficiently possible. 

We at Growup understand the critical role played by our workforce in our organization’s success and believe in adapting to the change in the most efficient way. We provide you with an exhaustively trained and compatible pool of workforce for your organization. We excel at outsourcing and offshoring the best talent who possess expertise in their work field and help your organization to grow and generate competitive advantage in the industry. Our independent consultants are highly trained and experienced. Growup is the way to fulfill your dynamic needs of overcoming business challenges.

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