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July 14, 20200

Talent plays the most crucial part of the success of an organization. Recruiting the most suitable and competitive talent is one of the major concerns for organizations. The recruitment process is quite an exhaustive process for the organizations. It is not only time-consuming and arduous but is also expensive. 

Various organizations have now started looking for alternatives for acquiring best-of talent which is cost-optimized. Outsourcing and offshoring have emerged as some of the preferred choices for adapting to the latest organizational needs. That is where Growup enters into the picture.

Recruitment 2=6Growup outsources the most competent Virtual Assistants (VA) according to the unique organizational requirements. But the question is how do we ensure that these Virtual Assistants are the best talent and work-ready? The concept of the recruitment yield pyramid is used to make the recruitment process of virtual assistants effective and per the demand.

The recruitment yield pyramid is a relationship between the various stages of recruitment. It can be an arithmetic or graphical representation of these numerous relationships of recruitment process like

  • Recruitment leads to invitees: 6 to 1 
  • Invitees to interviews: 4 to 3
  • Interviews to offers made: 3 to 2
  • Offers made to offers accepted: 2 to 1

The whole recruitment process of these virtual assistants is organized by our team keeping in mind the applicability of outcomes of the recruitment yield pyramid. This is critical for estimating the number of applicants to be generated to hire the required number of virtual assistants.

It is ensured throughout the process that leads generate the best pool of potential recruits. Keeping in mind that virtual assistants work remotely, an exhaustive recruitment process is structured so that these virtual assistants are work-ready and possess expertise before deployment.

The VAs are trained rigorously through an extensive and technical process. The training focuses on implementing various important skills and familiarizing them with the business tools. The whole process comprises of various stages of recruitment which can be summarized as:


  • Screening 

The most promising candidates are selected from the pool of applicants in this process. Screening is said to be an elimination process and focus is on filtering out the profiles which do not comply with the role requirement. A minimum of 3 years’ experience is a must for being a virtual assistant at Growup Group. In the screening process itself 40% of the candidates are eliminated.


  • Telephonic Interview 

This is the first interaction of recruiters with the potential recruits. The focus of this stage is to understand the candidate profile and abilities in detail. It also stresses understanding the candidate as a person and his ambitions.


  • Assessment Tests

A series of tests are taken by recruiters on this stage to assess the abilities of candidates on various fronts. These assessment tests cover a wide range of topics to understand psychology and understand their skill sets in detail. This is the best possible way of assessing the degree of expertise of the role.


  • Pre-interview form

A candidate is required to fill a pre-interview form after clearing the assessment tests. The rationale of this stage is to make the interviewer familiar with the candidate on personal as well as professional front before the interview.


  • Video Interviews

This is the last step of the recruitment process. At least 2 rounds of video interviews are conducted in this stage. It is an HR and panel interview. The final decision of making an offer for hiring as a Virtual Assistant is made after the candidate clears this interview only.


  • Training 

Training is an after selection step. This is a very crucial step to ensure the expertise and ability to work as virtual assistants as outsourced talent needs to be competent in their respective fields. 


The meticulous and thorough process of recruitment which is followed by Growup postulates that our Virtual Assistants are competent and possess expertise before outsourcing them. The significance of the yield pyramid cannot be overlooked in the whole process of recruitment. After all, our commitment is to outsource high-performing work-ready talent in the form of Virtual Assistants to our clients who prove to be an asset for the organization’s development.

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